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nick finck

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Cinema

The Visuals of Cinema
Noted designers and writers employing storytelling
Martin Scorsese
Movie Bombs
Battlefield Earth was criticized for its poor script, overly theatrical acting and overuse of Dutch angles
Examples of poor, misguided and/or ineffective uses of storytelling - Why and how Movies
Main causes for movies to bomb and bad story telling
Pressure from Movie studios trying to make a profit
Movie studios want to make a profit to make more movies
Poor Marketing and
A bad translation from good book to film
John Carter
Unique type of story telling now being played out
The Blair Witch Project
Poor scripting
Poor Cinematography
Battlefield Earth
Director Alfonso Cuarón, of the recent blockbuster, Gravity, was pressured by movie studios to alter the story telling to include flashbacks and include romance and other effects which he firmly refused. And it was a good decision: Gravity received high reviews and broke the record of biggest October and autumn openings ever
Types of Storytelling
What They Do
found in movies draw in the viewer to give them the
of being a part of the story. This is done through:


The movie that almost sucked
Tells the story without straying from the main sequence of events
The story is told in an order that does not necessarily reflect the order in which things happened. Usually this comes from multiple perspectives.
The Dutch Angle
Since all cinema story telling is done with video cameras,
camera angles
can play a very
role in the development and telling of a story.
Dutch angles
are frequently used by film directors who have a background in the visual arts, such as Terry Gilliam in 12 Monkeys, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to represent
and/or drug psychosis
They can easily be overdone like in Battlefield Earth
The case of Battlefield Earth
Alfred Hitchcock
J. J. Abrams
Steven Spielberg
Francis Ford Coppola
Stanley Kubrick
Ridley Scott
Tim Burton

Blair Witch Project
The hype and viral media influence
Bad Story telling and/or port to movie
John Carter: Epic Fail
Port from comic book to movie sitting on shelf for 80 years
Saturated in unoriginal themes: "Romantic sub-plot? Check. Futuristic technology depicted by blue-ish beams? Check. Adorable non-human compatriot? Check." -Jeff Koch - Biola University
Reality = Amazing experience + Cheap = Movie companies "profit is good"
Peoples gullibility pull towards genre still high after almost 90 movies
Found Footage Genre - Movie count: 88
Paranormal Activity 1,2,3,4, etc etc
The Fourth Kind
Apollo 18
Project X
"Is it real?" - Everybody
The Blair Witch Project was unique story telling because it's story depended on the audience's belief that what they were seeing was real
Websites were created to cause people to question whether the movie was real - Viral marketing
Huge success
First of its kind to tell a story that tries to use reality to stir emotions
Bad story telling means one of the biggest flops of all time.
Net Losses $ $108 Million
First Print in 1912
3D IMAX helped too
There is no character development
Characters explain plot outloud
Science fiction not actually sciency
Unbelievable science is annoying/unenjoyable to nerds or fans of the original
Proof that Visual effects are not what makes for good story telling
VS. Avatar
Avatar had visual effects, developed charcters and well organized plot
American Beauty
The Lord of the Rings
Pulp Fiction
The Greats
Alfred Hitchcock
Like the ancient storyteller Homer did in the Odyssey, Alfred Hitchcock liked to keep his audience in suspense by not revealing too much of the story in the beginning like in
Stanley Kubrick
Raging Bull
Taxi Driver
Gangs of New York
The Departed
Alfred Hitchcock liked to use sounds to add to the tense atmospheres. In The Birds, one of the most dramatic and intense parts of the movie is the sound of the birds chirping and squawking before or during the attacks. In some scenes, the sound of the menacing birds are the only audio element heard during the scene. (10,000 words - mediabistro.com)
Martin Scorsese
Dr. Strangelove
2001: A Space Odyssey
Full Metal Jacket
The Shining
match cut
or graphic match editing technique:
helps to establish a strong continuity of action.
Links the two shots metaphorically.
Establishes a logical consistency between shots
Kubrick used this in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
The famous Bone to Satellite scene trying to show human evolution over millions of years from the discovery of tools to space flight.
North by Northwest
The Birds
Kubrick was great at discovering new and unique ways to tell his stories
Has a lot of recorded opinions on what makes good storytelling
Scorsese is unique in that his vision for a movie is never too watered down or diluted from movie studio influences.
Scorsese's signature storytelling focus is the antagonist struggles with an inner conflict. This can be seen in most of his movies
Characters fight their inner demons
The Departed
Billy trying to fit in as a gangster - (Sorry if offensive to ladies!)
7/8 in
3/4 in
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