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Visualizing Solr's Architecture

No description

T hill

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Visualizing Solr's Architecture

Solr Document Input Query Processing Admin UI UpdateRequestProcessorChain UpdateRequestProcessor Language Detection LogProcessor RunUpdate Lucene Analysis CharFilters Accent Removal Normalization ß -> ss, ö -> oe HTML Removal Tokenizer Whitespace CJK Unicode Kuromoji Japanese morphological analyzer/tokenizer UpdateRequestProcessor UpdateRequestProcessor Codec TokenFilter [...] Synonyms Stop words Stemming LowerCase Keywords Tokens RequestHandler Query Parser Blue Skateboard title:blue title:skateboard
text:blue text:skateboard
title:"blue skateboard"
[+log(price) ] Query Object Lucene Solr Faceting Grouping Query Execution Filtering Postings format, stored fields,
deleted docs representation,
Term Vectors, DocValues, Norms
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