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Negative and positive effects of nuclear technology

No description

Gabriel Velasco

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Negative and positive effects of nuclear technology

Negative and Positive Effects of nucelear technology What is Nuclear technology? A form of energy produced by an atomic reaction, capable of producing an alternative source of electrical power to that supply by coal, gas or oil. Nuclear Weapons Popular Explosions Hiroshima-Nagasaki Japan-Tsunami Chernobyl- Accident Definition Definition: An explosive device whose destructive potential derives from the release of energy that accompanies the splitting of combining of atomic nuclei. They are the most destructive weapons of Earth. Popular Explosions Hiroshima & Nagasaki When: 6–9 August 1945
Where: Hiroshima & Nagasaki
Why: Because US wanted japans surrender
Chemical Element: Uranium 235, "little boy" (Hiroshima) -Nagasaki "fat boy" plutonium Japan 2011 When: 11 March 2011
Where: Japan
Why: Earthquake 8.9 (Tsunami) affects the nuclear central at Fukishima. Next day central explodes. Chernobyl When:1986
Where: Chernobyl, Ukraine
Why: A bad management in the nuclear power plant. Consequences of nuclear explosion Types of illness * More than 7.000 varieties of cancer.
* Genetic mutations
* Malignant tumors
* Leukemia (blood cancer)
* Hepatic function disorder
* Hypothyroidism
* Microcephaly Nuclear Medicine Definition Is the medical specialty that involves the use of radiative isotopes in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Purposes of nuclear medicine: Specialist use state, painless and effective techniques to image that body and treat disease. Especially many types of cancer. Purpose Fat boy little boy Uses
ºsee intern organs
ºsee malignant tumors
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