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Evonne Goolagong

No description

Kaitlyn T

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Evonne Goolagong

Evonne Goolagong
Life in Sydney
Grand Slam Life
Evonne Goolagong was really a brilliant tennis player. She has won 7 Singles grand slam titles, 1 mixed doubles grand slam title and 5 Womens doubles grand slam title. She also played tennis socially. Here is a timeline in order of her wins during her Grand Slam Life:
Retirement and touring
On tour Evonne found it really hard to cope because she was getting older and she had a daughter. So soon after her final win she decied to play one more game. She played the over 35 doubles and singles and won both. She wanted to continue but knew she had to stop. So she retired. Before Evonne retired she already had her older daugher Kelly and the second last game before retirement she had Morgan. Evonne taught her kids tennis.Soon she lived a normal life and still is known. The Cawley family went to Aboriginal communities and had a holiday. They visited Fred Hollows grave, they lived a outback and camping aboriginal life, the Cawley kids went on Sixty Minutes, Evonne visited her mothers house and death place and made many Aboriginal friends. Now Evonne still teaches and loves tennis and she says she wants to share the tennis joy to children so they can exercise and have fun!
Early Life
On the 31 of July in 1951 was a lucky day for the Australian Aboriginal Goolagong family because their third child was born. Her parents Kenny Goolagong and Melinda Goolagong were ready for a new member. Born in Griffith Hospital the little girl name was Evonne Fay Goolagong. Little did this family know that their third oldest girl was going to become a famous indigenous tennis superstar. She was born in Griffith, New South Wales, and grew up in a small county town named Barellan. Even though people were discriminated against Aborigines, a kind resident named Bill Kurtzman saw her looking through the gates of the local tennis court with interest and encouraged her to go play. Mr. Kurtzman also paid the club fee for Evonne, Larry and Barbra. In 1965, Vic Edward the owner of a tennis school in Sydney, was accompanied by two of his assistants and traveled to Barellan to take a look at Evonne and immediately saw her brilliant playing. He persuaded Evonne's parents to allow her to move to Sydney, where she attended Willoughby Girls High School. Here, she completed her School Certificate in 1968 at the age of 14 and was at the same time coached by Vic Edwards, and lived in his household.
Age: 62
Born: 31 July 1951
Birth Place: Griffith, New South Wales
Lives: Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Height: 168 cm
Plays: Right-handed
Australian Tennis Hall Of Fame: 1994
International Tennis Hall Of Fame: 1988

Player Profile
Who is Evonne Goolagong?
Evonne Goolagong is the first indigenous Australian woman tennis player to win a grand slam title. She is a strong player with two children Kelly and Morgan. She was born to a poor family who had 8 children in total. She was the third oldest. She has won many Grand Slams. Join me through this journey of information all about Evonne Goolagong.
Fast Facts
Evonne was sent to play tennis at the age of 7 and every player was impressed.
The reason why Evonne was so good at tennis was because she played against a wall.
Apart from being a good tennis player Evonne used to come first in all sports especially athletics.
Evonne Goolagong was called Supermum because she was second mother ever to win a grand slam title.

Thanks to. . .
Home! The Evonne Goolagong book
Evonne Goolagong Timeline
Singles Timeline
Singles 1971 French Open
Singles 1971 Wimbledon Open
Singles 1973 Italian Open
Singles 1974 Australian Open
Singles 1975 Austalian Open
Singles 1976 Australian Open
Singles 1977 Australian Open
Singles 1980 Wimbledon Open
Doubles Grand Slam
Womens Doubles 1971 Autralian Open with Peggy Michel.
Womens Doubles 1974 Australian Open with Peggy Michel.
Womens Doubles 1974 Wimbledon Open with Peggy Michel.
Womens Doubles 1975 Australian Open with Peggy Michel.
Womens Doubles 1976 Australian Open with Helen Gourlay Cawley.
Mixed Doubles 1972 French Open.
Timeline of Important events Part 1
Evonne Goolagong spent every day in Sydney training non stop and playing tennis. She lived in the Edwards household and made friends with Vic Edwards daughter Patricia. Both girls played tennis and trained till they could not move a muscle. Soon Evonne started to understand that Vic Edwards was not tourturing her but training her to be better. Evonne slowly learnt everthing she could ram into her mind about tennis. Then she was put into tournaments and won most games. Soon Evonne was one of the best player Vic Edwards ever coached. He knew she was ready for the big one. The most biggest tennis competition in the world. She was ready for the Grand Slams! Evonne and Patricia were suddenly traveling to places and practicing for the Grand Slams. But only one of them out of the two managed to show the world she could play tennis. She also made history of being the first Aboriginal person to win a grand slam.
1951 Evonne was born July 31 in Barellan, New South Wales to Kenneth and Linda Goolagong
1959 She begins playing tennis when she was 7 years old
1961 Vic Edwards, a well-known Australian tennis coach, becomes her coach and mentor.
1965 Evonne moves to Sydney alone to concentrate on her tennis career and live with the Edwards family
1968 Evonne enters New South Wales Championship at fifteen and plays in the Australian women's singles championship. She was ranked as the top junior tennis player in New South Wales
1970 She starts playing tennis on the international tour
1971 Evonne turns professional and wins Wimbledon; also wins French Open
1972 Evonne wins French Open Mixed Doubles with Kim Warwick
1973 Wins Italian Open; also wins U.S. Indoor Championship (repeats in 1979)

1974 Wins doubles for Australian Open and Wimbledon Open. She begins a string of four consecutive Australian Open championship victories.
1975 Marries Roger Cawley on June 19
1975 Wins doubles with Peggy Michel and moves to United States
1976 Wins doubles Australian Open with Helen Gourlay Cawley.
1977 Gives birth to daughter, Kelly, born on May 12
1980 Wins 2nd Wimbledon. She was the first mother since 1914 to win a Wimbledon singles victory
1981 Gives birth to a son, Morgan, on May 28
1982 Evonne announces official retirement from professional tennis
1991 Returns to home country and becomes a residence in Noosa, Australia
1993 Publishes her biography, Home

If you would like to watch Evonne Goolagong on 60 Minutes check out this link!
Evonne Goolagong
Evonne Goolagong got her very own published book of her biography. It tells a story of a famous tennis star. it's kind of like a behind the scenes book of her tennis life. This is the book that helped me with a lot of information. This is a really cool book and in my coaches book, Evonne had her signature in it. Also a band called Stage Coach has written and recorded a song about her. Take a look and a listen to her song.
By Kaitlyn Truong
Why I Chose Evonne
I chose Evonne because I had a big interest in tennis and I played tennis so I thought it would be cool to do a tennis player. I was lucky I chose her because my tennis coach is friends with Evonne. My tennis coach lend me Evonne's book with a signed tennis ball. I have enjoyed learning all about Evonne and have had fun doing all activities!
Monument for Evonne Goolagong
Evonne has a monument. It is named the big Racquet. The 13.8 metre racquet is a replica of the wooden racquet she used in the 1970s and stands at the Evonne Goolagong Park. The Big Racquet was unveiled during centenary (the hundredth anniversary of a event) celebrations for the town of Barellan.
Evonne's name is painted on the racquet
Prize Money
Evonne won $US1 million. This is altogether the prize money she won. It may not seem a lot but in that time it was a lot of money. Evonne saved most for her family but kindly donated the rest to charity.
What did Evonne do to affect Australia
Evonne proved that any could do anything even if they were different and the Aboriginals had the same rights as anyone else. She inspired me a lot by her brilliant tennis skills and the way she told her stories in her book really made me moved. I think she has definitely shown that all Aboriginals has the same rights as everyone else and she also has shown me a lot of skill from a poor girl.
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