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Innovate 2011 - LSDAD

IBM Innovate 2011 - Case Study: Achieving Large-Scale Distributed Agile Delivery

Julian Holmes

on 12 July 2011

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Transcript of Innovate 2011 - LSDAD

Pete Franklin

Capgemini UK Julian Holmes

UPMentors 100k employees

Collaborative culture

Rational Software reference site

Specialist in large, complex projects We promote a Disciplined Agile approach to the Unified Process

We help our clients, partners and their customers to achieve software delivery excellence

Capgemini is one of our clients 600 People in the UK and India

Successful with RUP for over 10 years

Experienced Rational Tools users

Specialists in large, complex deliveries in multiple technologies Capgemini Software Development and Integration (SD&I) RUP done right Experience Common Sense Market demand Institute for Government
Report conclusions:

Use Agile approaches

Standardise platforms The next evolution for Capgemini
Combining RUP principles with Agile practices

Developed by practitioners, for practitioners
Minimal top-down method imposition
Gathering best practices and experiences to be shared

Suitable for any software delivery project
“Adapt the process” is still the key principle Agile RUP Guidance Developed on Capgemini Wiki
Contribution from distributed community
Guidance structured by:
Lifecycle phase
Additional guidance for:
Sales and Bid teams
Engagement Management
Estimation and Measurement
Large-scale teams
Distributed Teams
Tools If even the government is getting in on the act... Scaling the method implementation These are roles,
not necessarily
people! Distribution co-locate for Elaboration

no entirely new feature teams

strive to equalise capability

use all the comms tech you have

all documents in a wiki

totally integrated team model Learning devops is hard - be prepared

technical debt will bite you

don't assume anyone understands anything

comms tech is non-negotiable

wikis can have debt too

always challenge when someone says 'no' adoption Capgemini:
Agile Awareness - 90-minute web-cast introduction to Agile RUP concepts

SD&I Ways of Working
1-day introduction to Agile RUP, the principles and how to apply them

Agile RUP Academy
4-day simulated project, teaching Agile practices in a RUP context

RP252 - Advanced Disciplined Agile Delivery Workshop
Experiencing key agile practices in a disciplined context Community Fostered by the Agile RUP team
Represents most regions
Aligns with global Software Engineers Community

Enabled through collaboration and communication tools

Wiki –- collaborative knowledge

Yammer - sharing and collaborating

Prezi - innovating communications

Engagement follows the 1:9:90 rule
1% creating : 9% commenting : 90% watching Delivery Process Team
Virtual team led by full-time expert-mentor
Team selected from active and respected Agile RUP practitioners, UK and India
Supporting bids and projects at critical stages

Project Start-Up Kit
Education “boot-camp”
Use the project scenario to learn and drive project progress
Just-too-late learning
Tools, templates and role-guidance Project Support benefits Multi-National Client
Contract won on the basis of an Agile RUP proposal
100-person, 3-site, 2-year programme
Multi-million lines-of-code migration
Previous supplier deliveries had failed with long waterfall approaches
A true “agility@scale” scenario with almost all the scaling factors

3 UK and Germany, scaling with co-location and travel
Lead people from India “inducted” in UK and distributed plan agreed
Virtual distribution trials conducted in UK
Distribution within feature teams established across UK and India Advantages risk management
early visibility of critical issues
optimisation Large-scale distributed Agile delivery is working for us What points us towards agile? Increased value for our customers

More predictable delivery

Greater resource pool from international team

Happier employees and customers

Increased market-share

An excellent position to take on new industry demand
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