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Mrs. Carter's Classroom

Procedures, first day of school

Melissa Carter

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Mrs. Carter's Classroom

English I, English IV, ELA Accl., Theatre
Chico High School

Mrs. Carter's Class
Why do we have procedures?
How to do things
When to do things
To be successful in learning, we have to follow some simple procedures.
Entering the Classroom
Have all supplies
Enter quietly
Be in your assigned seat
when the tardy bell rings
Work on bell-ringer assignment
While You are Working
Make sure you read or listen to the
instructions and understand the requirements.
If you didn't understand, ask a neighbor. If you
still don't understand, ask me.
If you are asked for help, be polite and kind.
When we talk to others, it should be no louder than a whisper.
Respect each other.
Use your time wisely.
More Procedures!!
When I am speaking to the class:
listen silently
stay in your seat

If I ask for your attention during
individual or group work time,
stop what you are doing and
When You are Finished
Double-check your
work for accuracy
If the assignment is to
be turned in, please do so
Make sure you have nothing
else outstanding in our class
Read silently
Homework and Late work
I will dismiss you, not the bell
Be sure your space is clean
Please remain seated until I release you
When You are Absent
When You Are Tardy
Behavioral Expectations
Classroom Rules
Be respectful of peers, teacher, and self
Use appropriate verbal and body language (G-Rated)
Keep all objects and body parts to yourself
Be prepared! Bring paper, pens/pencils, completed assignments, and your iPad to class everyday
Be a good listener
Make an effort, not an excuse!
You can expect me to be...
Quick with grades
Failure to follow rules will result in:
Verbal Warning/Private Conference
Parental Contact
Office Referral
Grading Policy
~Mrs. Carter
Classroom Visitors
I will continue teaching
You will continue learning and/or working on the given assignment
Restroom Breaks
Double YAY!!
Put it in the box when you first enter the classroom on the due date
15 points off the first day it is late, 10 additional points each day after that
Passing period!
3 tardies - warning letter to parents
4 to 6 tardies - Detention or 1 swat
7 to 9 tardies - 1/2 day Saturday School, ISS, or 2 swats
10-15 tardies - full day Saturday School, 2 days ISS, or 3 swats
****Skipping Saturday school will result in 2 days in ISS
One day to make up work per missed day
Planned absences, you need to see me prior to the date of absence to discuss missed work
Treat others with respect at all times.

This is not negotiable.

Bullying or abusive language towards other students or me will not be tolerated.
Major (summative) grades (exams, projects, essays, etc.): 40%
Minor (formative) grades (homework, daily work, journals, quizzes, etc.): 60%

Grades will be available online beginning September 8th and will be live this year. It is up to you to inform yourself and your parents about your progress in this class.

Late work will be reduced by 15 points if it is turned in by the beginning of the next class meeting. After that it will be reduced by 10 points each subsequent day.

You may redo any failing grade for up to a 70.
Missed Work
The pink bin is divided into sections. You will use the calendar above it to locate the work that you missed.
Automatic and Immediate Office Referral
Refusal to follow directions
Unless I tell you that we are using them, they need to be put up and out of sight. If I ask you to put it away and you do not, I will take it up and turn it in to the office. They will keep it for 3 days. If you refuse to give me the iPad, Mrs. Slaughter or Mr. Bland will take it from you and you will lose it for 6 days.
**** If you use your iPad inappropriately, you will lose it for 10 days and receive 3 swats or 3 days in ISS.
Cart iPads must be turned in daily. Failure to do so will result in loss of iPad for 3 days.
Cell Phones
Similar to iPads but take up time is different.
1st offense - back at end of day
2nd offense - Parent will have to come and pick it up
3rd offense - Office will keep for 3 days
Dress Code
Shorts, skirts, dresses fingertip length
Must wear a shirt over leggings that COMPLETELY covers your bottom
Modest tops on ladies
No drug, alcohol, or profanity on shirts
Holes in jeans are not allowed
Guys, keep your pants pulled up
Gentlemen must shave and keep hair cut
No piercings for guys at all
No facial or visible body piercings for anyone
Tattoos must be covered
Hats are only allowed on Fridays IF you have paid.
Natural hair color only
Be respectful to the cafeteria staff
Clean up your area
No horseplay
Only SIX students per table
No, you may not scoot tables together
Food and drinks will not be permitted outside of the cafeteria. Get to lunch on time and take care of your business.
You will not be allowed out of the cafeteria (morning or lunch) to go see a teacher unless you have a note from the teacher.

On the Bus
A student who receives a write-up from a bus driver will receive a warning and parent call for

offense they will be 10 days off the bus.

offense will find them off the bus for the year.
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