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Copy of Hexagonal Writing

No description

Isabel Nodarse

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Hexagonal Writing

Hexagonal Writing
Now that you have six triangles, put them together to form the shape of a hexagon.

On your first triangle, write a brief summary of what you read. Give enough information so that a person could understand the main idea.
On the second triangle, write about a personal connection to the story.
Use some of these ideas for help:
How does the story remind you of your own experiences?
Does anything in this text remind of something or someone?
Does the character or the character’s action remind you of someone?
Does the setting remind you of anything?
Does the subject matter relate to you in anyway?
On the third triangle, write a truism for this story.
What is the lesson this story is teaching us?
On the fourth triangle, describe your favorite part of the story. What did the author do to make this your favorite? Some ideas might be:
snapshots, thoughtshots, senses

On the fifth triangle, make a text-to-text connection. How is this story, its characters, setting, etc. like some other stories you have heard? Give examples from this text and from another text you think of to support your answer. Your other text can be anything: a movie, book, story, poem, etc.
On the sixth triangle, this is where you get to share your opinion of the story.
What did you think of it?
Did you like what the author had to say?
Did you like the author’s style of writing?
Why or why not?
On the outside of each triangle, label:
1. Plot Summary (green)
2. Text-to-Self Connection (blue)
3. Theme (orange)
4. Author's Craft (pink)
5. Text-to-Text Connection (purple)
6. Evaluation (orange)

Glue them together into the shape of a hexagon on construction paper.
Compare Hexagon Writing to the Insight Garden.
How are they the same?
How are they different?

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