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Kolache Factory

Ad campaign

Cristina Tortarolo

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Kolache Factory

Kolache Factory Objectives strategy creative
recommendations conclusions Radio Television Social Media Building the Experience storyboard *sound of door opening/closing*

Guy 1: Lunch is served!

Guy 2: What are these?

Guy 1: Kolaches from Kolache Factory.

Guy 2: What’s a kolache?

Guy 1: Kolaches are essentially sweetened rolls with various fillings stuffed inside…

Guy 2: *muffled* Mmmmm, these are really good

Guy 1: …and Kolache Factory has over 25 different kolaches to choose from, like Bacon and Cheese, Sausage and Cheese…

Guy 2: *muffled* Oh yeah, bacon and cheese… (Continued sounds of eating ravenously)

Guy 1: …Denver Omelet and many more. You can have a kolache a day for a month and almost never have the same kind twice. Here, try some…wait…you ate all of them already?

Guy 2: *muffled* Sorry…they’re really good.

Psychadelic music plays over kaliedoscoping images of kolaches.
Slowly, a voice fades in: Sir, excuse me? Sir are you ready to order? Snap back to reality.
Customer is standing at the counter, presumably in the middle of ordering kolaches. Don't worry, we get that a lot. Clerk winks, and says: integrate Revolutionize Be the first thing people see in the morning!
Make most of Direct Messaging: online ordering, respond first for coupons.
Be a feed people want to follow: more than a restaurant, you are an experience.

Coupons, codewords, Contests, Promotions
Remind people they are hungry
Pictures of Kolache flavors and store.
Avoid blocks of text Company sponsored content
User uploaded videos
Franchise infomercials
Stream to website *sound of bell ringing as Guy 1 walks into a Kolache Factory location*

Kolache Factory Employee: Welcome to Kolache Factory sir, may I take your order?

Guy: Yeah, hold on a second, lemme see what you have today.

Guy: (inside head) Let’s see here, what do I want. Well there’s bacon and cheese, or I could get sausage and cheese, ooh wait, what about that Denver Omelet kolache, or maybe the Italian Chicken, or the ham and cheese, or the *thought process becomes really fast as he jumbles through all of the offerings*

KFE: …ummm, sir? May I take your order now?

Guy: *breaks out of reverie* Huh? Oh, right. There’s just so many options to choose from, and they all sound so good. I guess I’ll just have to grab one of everything. Discover a largely untapped demographic
Find solutions to current issues
Recognize need for a different creative approach
See potential in social marketing
Realize opportunities for expansion
Envision success with CJST
To resolve issues facing the brand
Increase Franchises
Viral Branding/Social Marketing
Explore Untapped Markets
CJST Designs
Rice University Envision success with CJST Nothing compares to the deliciousness of a Kolache Factory kolache. They're perfect for business meetings, a quick meal-on-the-go, or enjoying with your friends in one of our many locations. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and visit our website for more information on our exclusive Kolache Club.
Kolache Factory: More Than Breakfast! Kolachefactory@gmail.com
password: ilovekolaches Scene either cuts to customer driving away in their car
or sitting down with their friends at a table in the store GINNIE CHAN
Nothing compares to the deliciousness of a Kolache Factory kolache. Whether you’re picking up a few dozen for a business meeting or just grabbing a couple for a quick meal-on-the-go, you can never go wrong with Kolache Factory. We have over 25 delicious kolaches to choose from, with a new special featured kolache every month. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and also visit our website for more information on our exclusive Kolache Club. Kolache Factory: More Than Breakfast! Radio Ad 1 Radio Ad 2 Stand out in the
constant, fleeting stream Coffee Mill
Music & Aroma
Store Atmosphere
Warm tones of stores
Innovative Product Ideas
Customer-suggested kolache filling/dough flavors
Mini Bite-sized kolaches
Holiday shaped kolaches Our Goal Our Approach We want to put in place a campaign that will deliver:

1. Convenience
2. Authentic Taste
3. Nutritional Value
Attract more franchisees
Secure a solid online presence
Incorporate TV, radio, social media outlets, and the corporate website into one integrated brand image
Identify Kolache Factory as "more than a breakfast" place.
Appeal to the younger generation's needs and habits, making every visit to Kolache Factory an experience to remember.

Our Campaign Kolaches are able to provide generous nutritional value, authentic homemade taste, and convenient portability all in one bite! After integrating the various communication outlets with our product message, there are some recommendations we believe are crucial to the success of the campaign. Not only will these suggestions help to connect Kolache Factory with its younger generation customer base and help to expand its operations, it will also enhance the quality of a Kolache Factory Experience.
Store Operations & Locale Kiosks in high-end store
Franchising opportunities

University campuses
Eliminate large in-advance orders
Convenience and freshness focus
Coffee Mill combination
Late night store hours
Promotions & Events Kolache Club Great tool for gathering customer data for mailing list
Need to increase emphasis
“Refer a friend” program
Monthly flavor contests
Member Birthday Specials
Birthday cake flavored kolache
Exclusive Coupons/Offers
“Points Redemption” Program
More kolaches, more discounts
"Kolache Factory Kolaches, a meal for on the go....”

"Have a Kolache today, it’s more than just breakfast, it's authenticity in one convenient bite, it's Kolache Factory!”

"Join Kolache Club and receive your first kolache FREE!”

"Stop by Kolache Factory on your birthday and receive a Birthday Surprise Kolache for FREE, just join Kolache Club!”

"Be a member of Kolache Club and enjoy exclusive offers throughout the year!"
Must be integrated with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter
-Video contest entries
-Immediate comments & feedback

Able to identify loyal customers and reward them

Help franchisees promote their location with unique exclusive events
Online Presence Include more visually stimulating images
Keeping the fillings at the mind’s forefront will appease an appetite
Help customers and franchisees keep track of event dates with interactive Calendar
Let everyone know what events Kolache Factory is sponsoring or supporting

We welcome your
Questions and Comments!
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