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No Dogs allowed

No description

Ashley Dicken

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of No Dogs allowed

Book project by Ashley Dicken
Story by Bill Wallace No Dogs Allowed Kristen is outside with the new puppy and when she thinks its "attacking" her she runs inside and shuts the patio door and the puppy's paw was in the door.
And her grandpa was really mad and starts yelling at her because he loves
the puppy very much. Solution Problem The puppy goes to the animal hospital and see that it has cracked a bone in its paw so she gets a cast on her paw. Then when Kristen goes to her grandpas house her Grandpa asked her why she did it and he keep saying it until she confessed and she did and she said since her beloved horse was gone she would never love another pet again and her grandpa understand. Characters Kristine
Selena- Kristine's best friend
Mattie- the puppy
Kate- the new baby
Anna- Kristine's younger sister
Meme w
Matt Green
Dandy- the beloved family horse Summary After losing dandy, her family's beloved horse,
Kristine decides that she will never get close another
pet ever again. So when her father surprises her with
a new puppy for her birthday, Kristine is furious! With
a new baby on the way, who needs a wriggling, messy
, noisy yellow ball of fur to look after? But how can Kristine a animal loving girl resist the cutest puppy in the world with those big brown eyes.Read the book to find out more. Kristine Kristine is a animal loving girl and she has been going though a lot lately like their family horse dieing, her baby sister going to the hospital because she was sick, the thing that shocked me getting Mattie their new puppy, and her and her friend Selena breaking up as bff's. So this story is a really touching story and very shocking how Kristine can ignore such a cute face. read the book to find out more about Kristine. Rating I would rate this book 9 out of 10 stars because it was a very touching story to hear and to read and it was shocking that Kristine can resist such a cute puppy and it was really interesting to read and i would recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a good book. Thank you for listing to my book project and i hoped you
enjoyed it woof!
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