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Self Information Portrait

No description

jewld baywong

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Self Information Portrait

Self Information Portrait TABLE OF CONTENTS

Skills ..... 1

Aptitudes ..... 2

Values ..... 3

Attitudes ..... 4

Experiences ..... 5

Intelligences ..... 6

Personality ..... 7

Learning Styles ..... 8 Jewl Dianne Baywong SKILLS APTITUDES Definition : Aptitudes are natural talents and abilities.
My Own Aptitudes : punctual. prepare and plan. interact with others. apply knowledge. neat and clean. work under stressful situations. concentrate. responsible. attention to detail. coordinated eye-hand movement
Career Based On My Aptitudes : DENTIST
There are many responsibilities that come with being a dentist. Dentists are like doctors but for the mouth. Most of the skills required to be a dentist are the aptitudes I have. Being punctual, having lots of attention to detail, having coordinated eye-hand movements and many more are some of the natural abilities I have. In order to be a dentist you have to manage your time and be able to handle patients calmly and work under stressful situations. Those are some things that are already natural to me. Being a dentist suits me well because most of the work being done by a dentist consist of my aptitudes. VALUES ATTITUDES Definition : Attitudes are the way you view things.
My Own Attitudes : caring. focused. friendly. sensitive. does what is necessary / right. lack of faith in ones self. stubborn
Career Based On My Attitudes : OPTOMETRIST
Optometrists are eye doctors. Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body; that is why when dealing with eyes you must be caring and sensitive towards others. Those are some of the attitudes I have. Being focused is also needed because when dealing with eyes you must be very precise and accurate. As an optometrist you also have to be able to deal with patients and that is why being friendly is very necessary in considering to be an optometrist. Another of my other attitudes are doing what is necessary or right and also a little stubborn sometimes. Those are needed in being an optometrist because you have to push what is right on the patient even if they necessarily don't want it. Being an optometrist suits my attitudes well. EXPERIENCES Definition : Skills are things you learned to do well.
My Own Skills : interacting with people. problem solving. research. gather information. find solutions. public speaking. science. work under stressful situations. health
Career Based On My Skills : PSYCHOLOGIST
A psychologist helps clients manage physical or emotional illnesses and disorders. Most of the skills I've already acquired are those needed in this job. Skills like public speaking and interacting with people are needed to be psychologist as you have to be able to communicate and connect with your patient. A psychologist also has to deliver presentations at conferences and workshops so public speaking is a good tool to have. I've also learned to take the welfare and health of other people seriously and that is something not to be taken advantage of in being a psychologist. I've also already learned to work under stressful and difficult conditions and how to deal with them patiently and calmly. Being a psychologist would fit my skills very well. Definition : Values are things that are important to you.
My Own Values : education. excitement. family. leadership. helping others. community impact. relationships. creativity. passion. beliefs. people
Career Based On My Values : TEACHER
As a teacher one must value education, relationships, creativity, passion, helping others and people. These are some of the things I value as an individual. Being a teacher doesn't only mean caring for the children's education but also for your relationship with them and seeing to it that they grow as a person. I value helping others as well and that is an important value to have in being a teacher as that is what you have to constantly do. You have to provide the kids with excitement and also with leadership. Teaching also fits in with my personal beliefs as having an impact in peoples lives is very important to me. I have a passion for helping others around me and that is why teaching would be a good job to look into with the set of values I have. Definition : The ability to gain and apply knowledge and skills.
My Own Intelligences : picture smart. word smart. logic smart. people smart
Career Based On My Intelligences : ARCHITECT
I am picture, word, logic and people smart. These are intelligences needed to be an architect. An architect prepares sketches and models for clients, and that would suit me well because I am picture smart and I love to draw things. Being people smart and word smart is also important in being an architect as you have to consult with clients about what they want. Computations are also important in considering to e an architect so it would suit me well because I am logic smart. The intelligences I have are perfect for being an architect. intelligences Definition : Experiences are knowledge gained from what one has observed, encountered or undergone.
My Own Experiences : helping my mom with cake orders
Career Based On My Experiences: BAKER
Being a baker in the Philippines, my mom now has her own home cake-by-order business here. We get cake orders of all sorts : birthday cakes, graduation cakes, baby shower cakes and any other kind of cake under the sun. Of course my mom can't do it all on her own so I am her ' cake partner ' . Under all the training she gave me, I now do pretty well in the cake business. Because of the experience I have in baking, I think I will be able to be a good baker. I have basic training and I can learn fast. Being a baker as my future career will be interesting and almost like a continuation to what I already have now. personality Definition : Personality is the combination of quality and traits that make an individual's character.
My Own Personality : artistic and social
Career Based On My Personality : ART DIRECTOR
Art directors are responsible for the artistic design of advertisements, print materials, and the filming of television commercials. To be an art director you must be very artistic and also know how to work with others. An art director has to design ads and create layouts; you have to have lots of new ideas and be very creative. You also have to know how to work with others as you are put in creative teams to talk and discuss your ideas. Working with people has to be part of your personality as you also have to deal with clients and other people on a daily basis. Since I am artistic and social, this job will fit me well because I have the personality needed to be an art director. learning styles Definition : Learning styles are different approaches or ways of learning.
My Own Learning Style : visual learner and kinaesthetic learner
Career Based On My Learning Style : DOCTOR
Doctors are in charge of diagnosing a patient's health condition and prescribing treatments and medications. In order to be a doctor one must be able to learn visually and kinaesthetically. Visual learners learn from pictures and reading things and kinaesthetic learners learn by touching and doing things. Both of these learning types are important because as a doctor, you have to learn from experience. As you go on in your career, you will encounter different illnesses you were never faced with yet and you have to find a remedy for it. You learn as you go on and do things. You also have to apply the knowledge you have from studies and that is why it is also important to be a visual learner so you can refer to information and do what is necessary. I am a visual and kinaesthetic learner and that is why being a doctor will suit my learning style. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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