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Crash Course on Creativity - Assignment 2

What's unique about these 6 stores? Are you paying attention?

Marcus Baptista

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Crash Course on Creativity - Assignment 2

What's unique about these 6 stores? Are you paying attention? On a typical Saturday morning, I've realized that I needed... Thanks for following along!! Clean aisles, fresh produce, clear signage, products perfectly laid out on shelves... The intoxicating aroma of the deli counter and the freshly prepared rotisserie chicken hit you as soon as you enter the store. The friendly, uniformed staff is very helpful and are always replenishing the stock, making sure the place looks pristine. The place is full of families, most of them with small kids and they all spend 30-60 minutes in the store. Check out is a breeze and I feel like that was a good start for my day. First Stop: Loblaws Canadian's main competitor to Home Depot, Rona is a one-stop shop for DIY aficionados. This huge warehouse-like store has a rough (but clean) interior, the smell of freshly cut wood. In the background you hear forklifts backing up, paint gallons being mixed and the buzz of the electric saws. The place is crawling with contractors buying material and couples browsing through carpet samples and kitchen cabinets. The knowledgeable staff is just a call away. Every single aisle has a "help" button that summons an expert once you press it. Check out is quick and friendly and the staff always make sure you found everything you were looking for. No hassle return policy. By now I'm feeling hungry... On to my next stop! Second Stop: Rona Third Stop: Wendy's Marcus Baptista - Groceries for the week
- Material for a home improvement project
- Fast food to fill my belly between errands
- Wine for a romantic evening with my wife
- A haircut to look good for my date This location has a Wendy's (a fast food chain) and a Tim Horton's (a Canadian coffee shop) in the same space. Today I feel like a burger, fries and maybe a milk shake. As I enter the store, I get hit with a very unique smell, a combination of greasy food, coffee and pastries. turn to the left and stand in the Wendy's line. I can see the kitchen: it looks clean and the staff is wearing gloves, except for the cashier. I hope she doesn't touch my fries! It's my turn and the order taker doesn't mind that I'm still choosing what to get. I finally order my combo. The food is hot and the fries just came out of the deep frier. Perfect! That definitely hit the spot. On to the next errand. Fourth Stop: LCBO Fun Fact:

In Ontario, alcoholic beverages are regulated by the government, so only approved establishments can sell booze. The most popular is the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario). As I enter the LCBO, I'm greeted by a woman in a booth, offering free samples of the featured wine. Smooth Jazz is playing in the store and I can also hear the clinking of the bottles. Everything is perfectly laid out. Every bottle has its label facing the customer. The prices are well displayed and are easy to read. The store is very well lit and the ample aisles give you the peace of mind that you won't knock down bottles by accident. Between the jazz and the warm environment, I feel so relaxed. I can spend hours deciding on what to get. As you exit the store, there's a wall full of free brochures and magazines with food and drink recipes. Last Stop: Supercuts Ok, last errand. If you want a cheap, quick and reliable haircut, Supercuts is the place. It's surprisingly not that busy for a Saturday morning. The stylists are also greeters and receptionists. The waiting area has a TV, magazines and tons of hair products for sale on shelves. Waiting time varies between 15-30 minutes. Parents are keeping the kids occupied with smartphone games while they wait for their turn. The place smells like hair product and the stylist sweeps the floor every time she finishes a haircut. The place looks as clean as a salon can be. My last errand is done. Time to go home, I'm exhausted! Driving back and forth is exhausting! It took me the whole morning to run 5 errands...
It was raining and the traffic was bad...

What if there was another alternative... I could have gone to Walmart! And then I realized... ... Buy my Groceries With just one trip to Walmart I can... ... Buy my home reno supplies ... Get my fast food fix ... Satisfy my fast food cravings ... Buy wine ... AND get a haircut! Bring my car for a service, or buy auto care products... And maybe I would have some free time to... Spoil my daughter with toys or baby products... Buy my wife some beauty supplies... Pick up the latest novel... Change my wardrobe... If I had a cat, I could get him a ball of yarn... I could shop for a new TV or the latest iPad... I could also get a stand for that new TV... Buy some gear to get in shape... Even do some research on a hearing aid, if I ever need one... Play my lucky numbers... Rent a movie for my date night... Even look for a new place at the Remax stand... Bring my wife to get her nails done... Get a prescription filled... Plan my next vacation AND get my passport picture taken... And if I feel so inclined, look at new sunglasses for that trip... "Walmart employees are paying attention too"
As I walked around the store, snapping pictures, a friendly lady (not wearing a Walmart uniform) approached me and asked me about the photos. She was fascinated by my project and happy that I chose to document that store. She then identified herself as the head of marketing for Walmart Canada. I was surprised! Someone probably caught me taking pictures on one of the many security cameras in the store and flagged the marketing person to inquire about it.
Her approach was very subtle and friendly, and I left the store very pleased knowing that she was in fact delighted that I chose Walmart for a creativity project. Fun fact:
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