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Spirit Airlines

SWOT analysis of Spirit Airlines

Cristina Lara

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Spirit Airlines

You, as Spirit airlines are an affordable air transportation service that focuses on affordability. You sacrifice other accommodations to meet the demand for affordable air travel. You called us in because of your want to refocus the company. Spirit Airlines Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Price: Affordable
Major airline category
Average seat size in comparison to others
Availability of seat types
Well known
A lot of options available for purchase
Offers reward program No entertainment
Hidden fees such as baggage fees
No food available
Employees training is lacking
Destinations are limited
Cleanliness lacks People will continue to travel
Economy wants lower ticket prices
Technology available to make it cheaper to offer entertainment
Offering food increases quality of flight
Technology to better manage time
Planes have the capacity to offer non-stop flights to a lot of destinations
Apps are emerging in Social Culture Gas prices increase
Gas shortage
Bad reviews affect company
Not being up to date with technology that people look for in flights
Lose costumers Situation: Competition
Climate Goals: Improve quality Improve sales, reputation, customer satisfaction Marketing Strategy Be seen as a challenger as a competition
Intensify effectiveness of promotions
Reevaluate customer satisfaction strategies and promotional strategies Implementation: Identify customer's wants and needs Make changes to quality and service Changes Prices to show reputation Sales Forecast:
Increase in revenue
With small sacrifice of number of units sold Develop marketing strategy Reach out to meet customer satisfaction Evaluation
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