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Differences between DSS , MIS and MSS

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saif hesham

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of Differences between DSS , MIS and MSS

Difference between DSS , MIS and MSS
stands for Decision support systems , there are a lot of differences among DSS , MIS and MSS .

on DSS the main focus is on the semi structured and unstructured decision tasks which demands the managerial judgment.
Also DSS develops certain tools for using in the decision process

the main emphasis is on the data manipulation.

managers enjoy direct access to the data

managers possesses the knowledge about the nature of the decision and the decision making environment.

main emphasis is laid on the effectiveness.

main emphasis on DSS
DSS depends on the managerial judgement.

DSS is an improvement of the concept of management information system in business Business Management

DSS focuses more on leadership. It is all about senior management in a firm providing innovative vision.

It is interesting to note that MIS is a type of link that assists in the communication between managers
of various disciplines in a business firm or an organization.

On the whole it plays a very important role in building up communication among the corporate people.
management information system (MIS)
MIS on the other hand focuses more on
planning the report of various topics
concerned with the organization that
would assist
the managers to take vital decisions
pertaining to the functioning of
the organization.
the finest differences between MIS
and DSS
is that MIS focuses on
operational efficiency whereas
DSS focuses more on making effective
decision or in other words helping
the company to do the right thing.
in the case of MIS
the report is usually
not flexible.
MIS is characterized
by an input of large
volume of data,
on MIS an output of summary reports
process characterized by a simple
model. On the other hand DSS is
featured by an input of low volume
of data,
an output of decision analysis and
a process characterized by
interactive model.
Experts would also say that
MIS is a primary level of
decision making whereas
DSS is the ultimate and
the main part of the decision.
This is one of the most talked about
different between the two.

As a matter of fact MIS
is all about theory whereas
DSS is all about practice
and analysis.
An organization should
employ both the systems
management support systems (MSS)

MSS enables senior management to access common and share sources of internal & external information that have been
summarized in easy way.

MSS promotion
system helps promote a shared
view of business activities due to
integration of distributed data/information.
managers can get up to date
information market trends
and internal operations
MSS provides communication
between orgs ,suppliers , customers and other business
partners with sharing information
MSS usually designed so that
manager can customize the system as needed
focus management support. :)
MIS output model
MIS & Decision
MIS & DSS Differences
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