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the doll in the garden

english book project

Erin Brooks

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of the doll in the garden

The Doll In The Garden By: Mary Downing Hahn Plot Plot Main Idea The End Climax Rising Action Exposition Ashley Cummings Characters Brave-Ashley is brave because she was told not to go into the owners garden, if she did Ashley and her mom would get kicked out of their apartment. Ashley asked Miss. Cooper everyday to return the doll but Miss.Cooper was afraid to.

The owner of the doll was dead so Miss. Cooper didn't believe Ashley when she said Louisa wanted the doll back.

Kristi became mad at Ashley because she took the doll and hid it in her closet. Ashley finally got Miss. Cooper to become convinced enough that Louisa was actually at her home so she could return the doll. This book is about a young girl who moves to a new apartment with a grouchy owner. She explores so much that she finds an old doll in the garden that had been stolen. She tries to get the criminal to return the doll and does succeed. Prezi Created By: Erin Brooks Honest- Ashley is honest because she tells her mom who the doll really belongs to. She tells her it is really Louisa's doll and not to give it to Miss.Cooper. Miss. Cooper Grouchy-Miss. Cooper is grouchy because when Ashley and her mom arrive she yells because Ashley brought her cat. Mean- Miss. Cooper is mean because she takes Louisa's doll when Louisa dies. Figurative Language Ashley compares Miss. Coopers nose to a hawks beak.
Ashley's friend Kristi compares Miss. Cooper to an old witch.
Kristi tells Ashley to stop acting like a baby.
Ashley says Miss. Coopers face looked like a wrinkled fist.
Ashley says Miss. Cooper acts like a devils child. The challenge for Ashley is to try to get Miss. Cooper to return the doll to Louisa. Main Character Another Main Character Point Of View 1st Person
Narrative Setting Monkton Mills
Present Day
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