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Top 5 Technology


isaaca kaly

on 29 October 2009

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Transcript of Top 5 Technology

Top 5 Technologies Effects and Factors Effect and factors Effect and factors Factors and Effects Effect and Factors Value: TV is valuable because we need entertainment and we need to be aware of what goes on in the world. Value: Houses are inportant because they keep us safe. Value: hand bags are important because without
them we could misplace valuable items such as
keys, cell phones, and important documents.

It shows off your style.

It is expensive.

Hand bags make life simpler because you can
carry valuable items in them instead of carry them
around in your hand.

Handbags are also addictive and could lead to debt

Value: we need cars to travel places . For example going to work and school etc.

cars are very useful but could also complicate life. Having a car involves a lot of responsiblity.

Cars create an aggregation of effects: When there are too many cars it causes pollution to the environment.

A car is a cool technology because you need to work with it in order to go where you want.

Value: cellphones are invented for people to make long distance calls to friends and family members.

There is also a downside to having a cellphone, having a cell can be very expensive. sometimes if we talk too much we go over our mintues and end up paying lots of money.

Cellphones are easy to get damaged.

A cellphone is a medium technology because you have to work with it but it also has every thing you need.

Challenges traditional ethical norms: Traditionally school districts believe students should not have their cellphones out in the classrooms because it causes distractions.

Houses are one of the most inportant technologies but they involve lots of responsiblity.

If you have a house you have to pay a mortgage, bills and make sure it is clean.

A house is a cool technology because in order for us to have a house to live in, it had to be built.

When you have a house you can design it how you want to
represent you and make you feel warm and safe. Tv can make life both easy and hard. Sometimes there
are some programs on TV that can be a bad influence and can lead to some unhealthy behavior. But TV also shows you what goes on around us and what we need to know TV also creates an aggregation of effects: too much TV can rot your brain.

TV is a hot technology becuse all you have to do is turn it on and watch whatever channel you want to watch. This is a tribute to my top 5 technology
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