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Emerging Adults entering the workforce Vs going to college

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Alfredo Ramos

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Emerging Adults entering the workforce Vs going to college

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High School Graduates
After high school usually emerging adults are left with two decisions Entering the workforce or Going to college.

Young adults who decide to enter the workforce have a lot of competition right after high school.

Jobs now a days are looking for individuals with college degrees or people have some experience in that particular job.

Previous generations use to only require a high school diploma to get a job and make a decent living, but this has changed as of recent years.
Entering the Workforce
People who enter the workforce right after high school have the chance to start making money right away.

In an individualistic culture like America it is encouraged for young adults to start supporting themselves when they turn 18 right after high school.

On average people who only have a high school diploma and decide to get a job right after high school make $20,000-$30,00 a year.

There are other careers that individuals can do with a high school diploma like plumbing which only requires and individual to attend trade school instead of getting a college degree.
Being successful without a degree
There are other ways to be successful without gong to college.

Invent something new and exciting that will change the world.

People like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have becoming very successful without going to college because of there inventions.

Musicians and Actors like Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio, Katy Perry and Eminem all dropped out of high school and have become very successful in life.
Getting a Degree
Young adults who decide to get a college degree instead of entering the workforce right away have a higher chance of getting a job in the future and will make more money then non college graduates.

On average college graduates can make anywhere between $40,000-$100,00 depending on there degree.

College grads have a higher life expectancy then non college grads.

College grads will provide a better future for themselves and there familys.
Problems with college
Tuition has skyrocketed in recent years and students might have to get a part time job or student loan to cover costs.

With the economy down schools have lower budgets for classes and emerging adults as well as other generations are all entering college at once which makes less seats available for classes.

College degrees dont guarantee jobs anymore and students have to get experince through internships and have a higher degree then there competitor to get a job

Some degree take anywhere from 4-6 years to complete
Emerging Adults entering the workforce Vs going to college
By Alfredo Ramos

What is Emerging Adulthood?
Emerging adulthood is the period between graduating high school and late twenties that helps each individual person define who they really are and also help pave the way for their future by making important decision that can affect their life forever.

One of these decisions includes either choosing to get a job right out of high school or going to college.

Each one of these decisions has their pros and cons and not everybody who dosent go to college is unsuccessful in life and not everybody who gets a college degree is guaranteed to get a job and be successful.
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