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Vampire Bat Debate

No description

Mindy Tipton

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Vampire Bat Debate

Vampire Bat Debate
To Kill or Not to Kill
Vampire Bat Debate
Read the article.
Think about the main points or arguments the article is trying to make. After finishing the article,
jot down three or four conclusions this text leads you to make.
Bats are harmless.
I believe most bats are harmless. First of all, the article states that out of the 1,100 known bat species, only three are blood-sucking. Second, the zoologist in the article hand-feeds bats and describes them as peaceful and cuddly. Third, I’ve been to the cageless bat exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo. If they wanted to, the bats could fly right at visitors and attack them since there is no barrier separating bats from viewers, but they don’t. As a matter of fact, those bats ignore the people watching them.
Working with your elbow partner, share the conclusions you jotted down and pick one you think is important. Work together to find at least two pieces of evidence that support your conclusion.
Join up with another pair.
Partners with the longest hair-share your position and evidence.
Other pair should challenge them!
Ask tough questions!
vampire bat
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