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Copy of Classification of Organisms

No description

troy blocker

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Classification of Organisms

All Living
Organisms Kingdom
Archaebacteria Kingdom
Eubacteria Kingdom
Protist Kingdom
Fungi Kingdom
Plants Kingdom
Animals Ancient bacteria
Single cell
No nucleus
Live in extremely hot, salty,
unfavorable conditions True bacteria
Single cell
No nucleus
Can be helpful
- yogurt, cheese, etc.
Can be harmful
- strep throat, staph infection Single cell
Has a nucleus
Amoeba and Algae Uni-cellular or
Has a nucleus
Mushroom, yeast
mold, mildew Multi-cellular
Contain chlorophyll
Make their own food Phylum
Cnidarian Phylum
Mollusk Phylum
Segmented Worm Phylum
Arthropod Phylum
Echinoderm Phylum
Chordate (Annelids)
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