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Alternative Rock

No description

Alex Goh

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Alternative Rock

Catfish and the bottlemen - Homepage Analysis
This is the homepage for the band Catfish and the Bottlemen, whom is of similar genre to our artist.
What ingredients are featured?
There are 4 links to popular social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. This is to allow fans and visitors of the site to keep in touch with the band and follow their latest news and movements, which could include upcoming tours and gigs etc.

This is also in tangent with the hyperlink in the centre of the page, which links fans to a mailing sign-up page, for people to sign up to receive the latest news about the band.

Additionally, there is a big iTunes symbol in the centre of the page, which links to a downloadable song for fans to download. This is to provide a good taster into what the band’s music will sound like which could attract new fans.
There is also the name of the band, and a clear menu to direct people clearly through the website. And a picture of the band.

Layout of the ingredients

The two centre ingredients are put there to attract the attention of visitors, as it leads to their downloadable tracks and a mail list to keep people up to date for their upcoming gigs and latest news. The big picture of the band covering the entire background is the most visually eye-catching ingredient, and this is to let the people know what they look like, and possibly give them the opportunity to copy their styles and their looks
Visual Style
The website is predominantly black and white, and is quite simplistic in that there is a big picture of the band , with a darker overlay where the iTunes symbol in the centre. The menu is simplistic in that it is easy to navigate, and they have also made the social media websites in black and white to match with the colour scheme. These visuals reflect the style of the artist, as they too and very black dark clothing which matches the bands colour scheme.
The general lighting throughout this music video can be seen as very dark (purple). This is most likely used as Imagine Dragon aren't going for the typical black and red lighting for a rock band.
Ballad of the Mona Lisa - Panic At The Disco
The music video also contained a lot of close up. This isn't only for the for the singer but of the whole band to. As typical rock bands don't only focus on the singer but also the guitarist... This is very known for groups like ACDC where the guitarist is just as popular as the main singer.
Imagine Dragons - Demons
Sunset Sons, this is an all male band which is what we are looking for as well, this is why this band means something to us.
This video has 3 main parts to it, a performance, which is the band playing in a set. A narrative of a girl which takes part in a few different locations and a lip sync.
Typical conventions Alternative Rock Bands
The performance takes part in what looks like a studio, the lighting of the studio is very low apart from on the face of the lead singer.
lots of shots of the musical instruments.

The costume is simple t-shirts and hats

This music video has a very similar concept towards our groups music video in turns of editing and camerawork. The transitions they use are very smooth this is seen when you see inside peoples lives (in the music video).
The camera work is all quite simple just close ups of the performance on either the faces of the band or the instruments.

The main singer has a beard and long hair.
The main singer is highlighted the most out of the band.

When it comes to the narrative it is quite different. The narrative is about a girl who seems to be angry about something.

The shots of the girl are mainly long shots to show her isolation.
I'm comparing my video for 'trip switch' to this because they both have a slow verse and then a much faster, intense chorus.They also both use similar devises that we are planning to use for our video, so we can take inspiration from Panic at the Disco to help us build on our own idea

Comes in as a ghost, watching himself playing on stage
We see his goal is to get back at the witch who killed him.
He sees himself, dead on the table. The story was about him.
It sends with the witch being burned, and the singer smiling to the camera

Different time, possibly late 1700's – steam-punk costume. Fit's with the lyrics of the song.
Additionally, the whole video is tainted with an overlooking black, white and grey color scheme. This is to fit with the tone of the track, as the song is all about his girlfriend arguing and breaking up with him. The dark colors can be used to reflect upon his sadness and the gloomy life he has afterwards.

Editing/ camera:

Very fast cuts on the chorus. Slower in the verse.
Uses blur motion, goes into hat and comes out in a different costume. We could use that for our tripswitch videio. Blur/ multiple of the same people makes it seem psychedelic. Lots of low angles and close ups.
Focuses mainly on the lead singer and the witches story.


Lypsinc; Lots of obvious, over the top acting makes it creepy
Performance aspect, as well as him walking around the same location that the band is playing in. He’s a ghost, not noticed by anyone. Shown through same band member in different costume.
They have a side plot so show the character of the witch.
Alternative Rock/Post Indie
3 elements
The main theme in this music video is the band playing at a concert. However, there are 3 strands in this video which are apparent. At the beginning, there are shots of the band chilling out before a show, being calm and also at times riding a bike around the building. This element is one of 'behind the scenes' which is a cool idea, as the entire video is the journey through the night of one of the bands concerts.
Secondly, the next element used is the performance itself. The band is shown performing to a huge crowd.
Homesick - Catfish and the bottlemen
I will be analyzing the music video for Homesick by Catfish and the Bottlemen, to look for similarities in music video conventions and elements used in the alternative rock genre.

This is a picture of the band. Their star image is quite similar to our band. They have long hair, dark in-style clothing and have a very anti mainstream image about them. This look is very atypical of rock bands.
Finally, the last element of the video is that the entire video is shot as if it is in the form of an old movie reel, as it is made with hundreds of individual pictures put together and there is a a shot of the reel burning away at the end, as if its an old style movie.
Visuals in the video

As mentioned before, the entire videos camerawork is done with a timeline of pictures, showing the progress of one of the band's concerts. This is a unique style to a music video and is very cool. There are lots of close-ups of the bands faces too, which is used to make the audience feel closer to the band, and allows them to feel at one with them and also at times as if they are there themselves watching the concert alongside them.There are multiple shots of the bands performance too, from high above the stage and from backstage too. These are in tangent with the editing of the video, which is very fast paced and that each picture on lasts a split second.

The costumes of the band are one of common sightings in typical alternative rock bands too. They are all wearing very dark clothes and have very long hair. Long hair is a classic symbol of rock bands and the rock genre, as it is very against the idea of having mainstream short hair as people cannot imagine the ruling people in society to have long hair.
Band name - Star theory to make the band seem united rather than having the individual singer’s name. The name of the band is the largest thing in the website so everyone notices the bands name
The information given is very straight forward and easy to locate as making it easy to navigate.
The artwork on the album helps make the band look more interesting and abstract
The album artwork has been placed here as a main attraction so people will buy the album song and the information on the album lis also given.

Both websites have
dark colours
dominating the websites. This suggets that dark colours are a crucial convention of alternative rock bands websites as it could reflect the nature and tone of their songs.

Also, they all have
simple menus
to direct through the website, which is to easily navigate through the website. This easy navigation could be used for alternative rock music, as the typical audience for this genre are young people so they are looking for an easy, quick guide. Easy navigation is again seemed to be a common convention.

This could be also in tangent with Richard Dyers Star Theory. This is the theory that the star is all about the band and the ideologies of the band. This giant picture of the band illustrates how great and cool they are, and portray their ideologies in their own way.

They all have a
large picture in the background
of the website. Pictures are a crucial convention of this genre as it allows the fans to get a taster and an insight into the band and what their music is like.

Additionally, despite Catfish having a smaller title name, they both have a distinct and
easy-to-see title of the band
. This seems to be a conventional layout of these websites.

However, Panic at the Disco's website uses brighter colors and has a more vibrant feel to it. This to match their latest album, while Catfish and Imagine Dragons have a darker and more gloomy, which is clearly reflected in their much darker websites.

at the Disco's website is laid out more like a blog, detailing the latest events the band have been involved in rather than focusing solely on selling their music and album. It is more complex and purposefully more 'makeshift' than the professional looking website of Catfish and Imagine Dragons. However, it does give all the same
buying options
, such as iTunes, on the homepage.
Conventions of 'Panic At The Disco's homepage.
We have a link to their iTunes store so the views can easily purchase their lastest album
'Panic At The Disco's website has been laid out like a blog, with the stylistic representation of the band only taking up a small part of the top of the page. Below this, we are given their new song which has the same visual style that the entire site represents, and the option to buy their song on a number of different platforms. The rest of the first page is dedicated to showcasing movies and events the band have been involved in, as well as the bands other songs and videos.
The theme of the band is black which is a typical convention of a rock band
The style of the website is very straight forward and is not very complicated
The website is heavily packed, frequently giving you the option to buy different songs and sign up to their news letter. The different sections of the site include news, tours, photos, music videos, store, sign up and victorious (their new song). Each of these headings, when clicked on, instantly opens a new tab of pages like their YouTube, Spotify and Instagram accounts.
News has been given the most prominence on the official site, because other parts of the site lead to different websites for the same band. This way, the website makes the band look important and ever changing, with tons of different things going on at the same time. This tackles any view some fans might have that the band are fading because of their age.
Stylistically the website is almost old fashioned or vintage looking, heavily using primary colors and packed with different logo's and information. This could be because Panic At The Disco are a fairly old band, who were at their most popular in the early 2000's. For this reason, their main target audience could be in their late 20's by now, but want feelings of nostalgia; hence this picture, where a suit is drawn onto the guy and a car drawn into the pool, as if drawing life in to then picture:
On the home page we have the title of the band which is obvious. The reason for this is to let the viewers see the Band name. We have a link to ITunes so the viewers can proceed to iTunes quickly and buy their products . There is also a button to take people to the tour dates, this is to show viewers when and where they can see them performing live. There is some social media sharing links as well, this is a form of marketing of the band to increase their brand awareness.
The main feature of the website is the fact that there are moving images as (I have tried to show below with the two different screen) shots of the website. I think the reason why they have done this instead of a single picture is to make the website stand out to the viewers. Helping to make the band more interesting and different
The title of the band of all of the ingredients stands out the most, this is obvious as the main feature of a website is to put the name of the artist out there, the title is placed on the centre top part of the screen. The next biggest ingredient is the name of their album On the road and this is placed just below the band title.
The visual style of the website is very simple with only a few features of it, the font type is simple as well for the Band Name to help make it stand out, as it is in Red and it is bold. The album is in italics
Typical Structure

After having looked at the structures of these different websites, the overall typical structure of them is that they are very simplistic and they all include a picture of the band that attracts the attention of the viewers.

Research into generic conventions

Panic At The Disco Album Cover/ Digipak:
This is their latest album which is designed in the same way that their website is - however, this indicates a complete change in the band image. When we look at their previous albums and digipaks, we see that Panic At The Disco used to have a distincitve style which was much more similar to Imagine Dragons and Catfish:
They have also changed their music video's; old music video's, like the one I analysed, matched their old album style. The victorious video matches their new album and style.
Looking at the album covers there are some similarities , these are the name of the band and how they are underlined the font of the band name is quite simple but it is effective as it stands out, the album name is written in what looks like handwirting or italics, the reason behind this might be to come across as individual. The colours of the album covers are simple. In both albums the main feature of them is the picture, both the pictures are quite simple but yet have a questionable meaning. In both album covers the title is at the top with the album cover below it, the reason for this might be to do with the fact that they want the title and album cover to come across as the most significant features.
Panic at the Disco's old albums use swirly, italic, old looking fonts to mirror their songs which are often set in the distant past. They are also set in old rooms, use Victorian or Elizabethan era historical figures combined with modern day legs to emphasize this and seem alternative and slightly strange. They are in black and white, and evaporate colorful cigarette smoke and an ashtray to attact their alternative, indie audience - most of whom may smoke.
The costume of the band is very simplistic. As you can see the lead singer is just wearing a plain black t-shirt. However the colour code is that it is very dark which may be a general convention of rock music
One of the elements is of the band playing in a life performance, then as it progressess then it focuses on individual lifes within the band. This made me realise most rock music videos has a second strand to make it more interesting.
Night Vision Album Cover/Digipack
Night Vision first album uses bold simplistic text, which may symbolise thier early beginning as a band. Their brand logo/text is thier own custom font, which they have copyrighted. Their image is very simplistic yet has a complex message. As it is of a man standing in the middle of 20 pavements in the sky, implying that their band is one of a kind. It carries a sense of enigma whic may correlate towards thier content, as the audience doesn't know what to expect from thier first album cover.
In all thier previous album covers their the main attraction is of thier album is thier make believe album pictures. All these album covers are similar to each other maybe to suit with the target audience. Over the years the colours of the album has become darker going from coloourful to purple to black.
Their latest digipack is very simplistic yet dark look towards it. This may be because of the meanful album this has towards it. As this album contains alot of serious issues as the music video I analysed its about the people hidden lives and what happens to thiem behind close doors. Asfor their previous songs they use ot be very joyful and fun, therefore the change in colour illastrates the chnage in the band morals and believes.
Textual Analysis of the Homepage
Comparing Digipaks
What we gathered from looking at the digipaks and album covers of these three different bands is that6 they ball retrain a similar style and font for each of tgheir albums. They all use deep, abstract pictures. Imagine Dragons and Sunset and Sons covers are similar in that they both reflect nature through the use of images of birds, flying, nighttime and the sky on their covers. Panic at the Disco focuses more on the band members themselves or the motif of smoking, being perhaps a more edgy, provocative band. Their style also reflects earlier times in history, while the other two covers reflect the present. However, Imagine Dragons & Panic at the Disco both use the same dark, nighttime shades and simplistic style for some of their digipaks.
Comparing Websites
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