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Unit SHC 22 personal development in children and young peopl

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Sophie Powell

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Unit SHC 22 personal development in children and young peopl

It is very important that practitioners follow the rules of the setting to ensure that the role of the practitioner is correct.

The roles that i need to do as a practitioner in the day are very challenging the following this below include the roles I do to pursue the correct roles within the setting.

- Welcome the children in the morning
- Hang coats and bags (help the children)
- Circle time where i ask the children the date and what the weather is like out side
- Snack time ( I need to make sure the food has been prepared properly and that all childen wash their hands before eating
- Tidy up time which is when I encourage good tidying up and praise the children if the job is done well.
- Show and tell when the children talk to me and the other children about what the children have brought in and why they brought it in which is good for their communication skills so that is encouraging communication

All them things above what roles me as a practitioner take on during the day that every practitioner needs to do to ensure the children are learning to their best intentions and that they are always leaning things.

Responsibility of a practitioner
Practitioners are the people that are working with or looking after the children in a nursery or primary school setting. We have many responsibility such as showing respect for the principles of confidentiality, a commitment to avoid gossip about any child/young person, an understanding of the need to avoid stereotyping. Also my role as a practitioner is to keep the children safe and make sure they enjoy being at setting and also to solve challenging incidences such as accidents that the children have. Some other responsibilities that as a practitioner I do is making sure the area within the setting is safe and making sure that any paper work and accident and accident forms are filled out.
1.2 Standards that influence the way a practitioner’s role is carried out
within the setting their are many policies that we need to follow to ensure the standards that the way a me as a practitioner the roles I have are carried out.

The first one is the - National Minimum Standards
such as the EYFS welfare requirements:

- safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare

- suitable people to look after children - It is really important that the practitioners have a clean CRB check to show because if they don't then that person could be anyone and cause danger to the children.

- suitable environment and equipment. It is really important that then area in which the children are playing has a risk assessment so all practitioners know that the
area is safe for the children.

- organization and documentation. It is really important that all forms are filled out correctly without no mistakes such as the accident and accident forms.

- Also as a practitioner we need to respect other children's or other practitioners believes and religion also if anyone are vegetarians. Also we should always celebrate other regions occasions like Christmas because then the children of that religion feel included and welcome.

1.2 Regulations
The Children Act 2004
The Health and Safety at Work Act
The Care Standards Act 2000
The Data Protection Act

These are all the acts which over the Standards that influence the way a practitioner’s role is carried out. These Acts should all be taken in the consideration by practitioners and should also be read by practitioners to ensure the children's safety within the setting.

1.3 Describe ways to ensure that personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of work.
It is really important that hings that happen in my life or any other practitioners lives does not effect our work in setting with the children such as family problems, relationship problem and even work problems because if I or any other practitioner take them problems into work then it will effect the way we talk to the children and it will maybe effect the layout of the day for example not concerting and that is when accidents happen to my self or the children and other practitioners in the setting. Also it is really important that practitioners are careful what they talk about outside of the setting because of breaching conditionality.
Unit SHC 22 personal development in children and young people’s settings. 1.1 1.2 1.3
1.1 Roles of a practitioner
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