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Haus Ouv Attriiealz

It's gotta be French...

Will Carter

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Haus Ouv Attriiealz

house of Atreus by Meredith Ferreri and
Michael Suggs most tragic and famous family in mythology
Agamemnon, Menelaus, Tantalus, etc Tantalus was cherished; son of Zeus
ate their food
invited them to dinner He hated the Gods
Tantalus wanted to trick them
He kills his son Pelops and cooks him Served Pelops to the Gods
The Gods knew about his plan and decided to punish him
Sent him to forever be hungry and thirsty in Hades Pelops was brought back to life by the Gods
Ivory shoulder
Demeter's mistake
Successful life Pelops married Hippodamia
took her father's challenge Pelops' horses were Poseidon's
defeated King Myrtilus
King Myrtilus cursed him Niobe married Amphion
Amphion set out with his brother Zethus to Thebes
Amphion's playing lured the rocks Niobe and Amphion ruled Thebes
Niobe had 7 daughters and 7 sons
she grew vain and told the people of Thebes to worship her instead of Leto The Gods grew angry
Artemis and Apollo killed her children
turned into stone Pelops had two sons, Atreus and Theyestes
Thyestes fell in love with Atreus' wife
Atreus threatened Thyestes Atreus killed his brother's children
Cooked them up and served them to Thyestes
Atreus took the throne and Thyestes was never avenged Agamemnon angered Artemis
Artemis stilled the winds went to the prophet
must sacrifice his most precious thing
daughter Iphigenia
Clytemnestra, Agamemnon's wife, protested
after the sacrifice, the winds blew once more Clytemnestra takes a lover, Aegisthus
kills Agamemnon when he returns from war Iphigenia had brother, Osteres, and sister, Electra
Osteres goes away
Aegisthus makes Electra's life miserable Clytemnestra and Aegisthus continue to rule
Orestes realizes he must kill kill his father's murderer
goes to oracle
oracle told him to kill his mother
brings cousin Pylades
Electra prays and is answered go to palace to deliver message
plan to launch surprise attack Clytemnestra comes to see them
slave ruins their plan
tries to reason Orestes kills hurrr
sees dead women
goes to Athens to plead for forgiveness
curse is lifted! The Greeks abhorred sacrifices
Artemis switched iphigenia with a deer before she was killed
sent her to the land of the Taurians The Taurians were savage
killed Greeks
Artemis made her a preistedd
she had to perform sacrifices Orestes and Pylades came to the Taurian country
were captured and sent to be sacrificed by Iphigenia
she learns they are from Mycenae
asks them to deliver letter Iphigenia explains what's in letter
Orestes realizes it's his sister
reunited, Iphigenia comes up with a plan The three try to sail away, but the wind stops them
King Thoas becomes enraged
Athena tells him they are acting under divine guidance
the three sail away
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