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Lydia Miler

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Grasslands

What are Grasslands?
A large area of land covered with grass.
Products of grasslands
wheat, oats, barley, milo, corn

deposits of oil and coal.
What are some products we use these items in today?
Economic Importance
Essential Question: Why are grasslands important to us?
main food source
water is critical
grassland plants
Dangers to Grasslands
-Urban Development
-Over hunting
What is a bad outcome that could come from one of these dangers?
People in the Grasslands
Where are Grasslands?

Essential Question: What are the grasslands used for today?
800 million people
Rural and Urban usage

Grasslands are on every continent but antarctica
Do you know of any famous grasslands?
There were four types of zebra; Grevy's, plains, mountains, and quagga. The quagga is extinct while Grevy's and mountains are endangered. -Toria
Grassland ecosystems in the U.S.A no longer exist.
Grasslands provide more food than any other biome
Fires are a major danger in grasslands
Government Regulations/Laws
Grassland Law of the People's Republic of China (Order of the President No.82)

USDA Regulations
Cool Facts
1/3 of earth's land and 1/5 of earth populaton

Grasslands are very similar to savannas
People and Cultures cont.

Used as grazing land for cattle
Australian grasslands

6 out of 30 is the ratio of zebras killed annually due to poaching.
Endangered Animals
Most known endangered animal.

9 different species of animals are endangered in the grasslands

Many different species of animals live there

How YOU Can Help

Symbolic adoption-
Donate money to help a certain kind of animal.
(World Wild Life Foundation, Defendors.org)
Speak up for Wildlife-
Communicating with Elected Officials, Working with the Media and Reaching out in Your Community.
Essential Question
How Can you Help?
Asian Elephant
Mexican Prarie Dog
Black Footed Ferret
Northern hairy-nosed Wombat
Black Rhinoceros
Grevy’s Zebra

West African Giraffe

Rothschild Giraffe
Barbary Leopard
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