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How the Confederation strengthened the Maritimes Colonies.

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Chloe Ching

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of How the Confederation strengthened the Maritimes Colonies.

How the Confederation Strengthened the Maritime Colonies. By Chloe Ching The Golden Age happened between 1840 and 1870.
It was the age of wood, wind, and sail. The ship builders in Maritime's were respected for the good ships they made. Many good like fish and lumber were major exports, and coal mining in Nova Scotia was going to make Nova Scotia the largest coal producers in the world. Most people did very well during the Golden Age. Economy- Fishing, Farming
Had no bridges to main land
Smallest colony in area and population. CITES HOW? The Confederation strengthened the Maritime colonies by...
Making the colonies join them
Giving them bigger access to the economies of Canandian provinces
Giving them the railway, which helped alot and was very attractive to them. Economy-Fishing
Had only 10% of good land.
Large group of Scottish colonies
Had 15,000 Mi'kmaq New Brunswick joined in 1867
Nova Scotia joined in 1867
Prince Edward Island joined in 1873
Newfoundland joined in 1949 WHY? Why did some provinces choose to be in the Confederation while others did not? WHO? WHAT? Prince Edward island Who were the provinces involved? New Brunswick
Economy- Forestry and fishing
Famous for it's wooden sailing ships
Has a large group of Irish Colonists Nova Scotia Newfoundland Economy- Fishing, seal hunting
Had no good farming land
Had close ties with Britain
Isolated from other countries WHEN? When did each of the Maritime colonies join the Confederation? WHERE? Where were the colonies located? Newfoundland What was the Golden Age? NEW BRUNSWICK- Many people in New Brunswick worried that they would get dominated by the larger colonies in Canada so they did not join at first. But then Britain put pressure on them and New Brunswick also like the railroad so they agreed to join. NOVA SCOTIA- They were worried that their country would have little influence on Canada. Even though they had to pay high taxes, they agreed because of the railroad. PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Prince Edward Island thought that their colony would be too small and swamped by others, so they didn't agree until 1873. NEWFOUNDLAND
The people in Newfoundland liked their ties with Britain better than having influence in a distant government, so they stayed out of the Confederation until 1949. How did the Confederation strengthen the Maritime Colonies? Francis, D., Scully, A., & Germain, J. (2006)
Voices and Vision: A story of Canada. ON: oxford
University Press in Canada.
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