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No description

Wil Rollins

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of TUNDRA BIOME

DUH DUH DUH TUNDRA!!!!! Biome By: Alex Roman
Wil Rollins Permafrost Trees THERE ARE NONE!!! Vast "Freezing Desert" Precipitation Wind Speed Tunturia SUMMER WINTER Location Treeless Plain Finnish word 30-60 mph Permantely frozen layer of soil-1.5' below surface. 10 in. (25 cm.) or less a year Before Polar ice caps. Borders Arctic Ocean Growing Season few weeks. No H2O to ground. ANIMALS Caribou Arctic Foxes Snowy Owl Grey Wolves Polar Bears Ptarmigan Ground Squirrel Ermine Grizzly Bears Lemming Orca Whales Emperor Penguin Puffin Snowshoe Rabbit Examples Plants No trees Dwarf Willows Pernnial Wildflowers Dwarf Clover Arctic Moss Arctic Willow Bearberry Caribou Moss Diamond-Leaf Willow Labrador Tea Pasque Flower Tufted Saxifrage What is it? A biome with severe weather conditions
(extreme cold and wind and little rainfall)
that cannot support trees. What are some examples? Arctic Ocean Border, Alaska, Iceland, Greenland
& Antartica What is associated with it? Ice, barren, permafrost.
No trees, some grass & ground flowers.
Caribou, reindeer, puffins & penguins. Reindeer
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