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E-Business & Government Final Project

Applying the e-business concepts on HyperOne Market in Egypt

Ahmed Hashad

on 28 May 2011

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Transcript of E-Business & Government Final Project

E-Business & Government
Final Project
HyperOne Hana Saoud
Noreen Fadel
Reem Tarek
Ahmed Hashad Company Overview One of the Biggest Department stores.
4 departments :
1. Fresh Food
2. Fast Moving Goods
3. Non-Food
4. Furniture & Textile
Currently have a website E-Business Plan Sell products online on their website. Revenue Model Sales
Delivery Charge E-Market Place Electronic Storefronts

Private sell-side e-marketplace Customer Value Saves money, time and effort
Same shopping experience except from the comfort of their homes Capabilities Needed Capabilities: Invest highly in technology
Keep website up-to-date and accurate
Avoid clustering of products Available Capabilities Customer loyalty
Goodwill and trust-worthiness
Uniqueness Marketing Techniques Flyers in their supermarkets, clubs and community centers.
Radio and newspaper advertisments.
Pop-ups in social networks. What Should HyperOne do to ensure their E-business? Web designers to develop their website
Continuously update and maintain their website
Implement E-Supply Chain System
Communicate changes to employees
Train their employees Potential Customers Most targeted:
Senior Citizens
B2B Benefits Of E-Business plan Uniqueness
Increase in Sales
Wider range of scope covered
Reduce costs by reducing personnel and resources
Time effectiveness Implementation People
Materials Sustainability Transparency and authenticity
Security by for example, assuring that the personal information of the customers would not be used in an illegal way.
Saves time and is effortless and convenient for customers
Sustain competitive advantage by continuous look outs for how to improve their e-business. Future Plans for HyperOne Social Media
Mobile Commerce
Location Based Marketing E-Payment Security HyperOne Prcing Cost Structure Website Development
Website Maintainance
Security Systems Costs THANK YOU !!!
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