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Environmental Issues Project :)

No description

Lucy Dawson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Environmental Issues Project :)

Environmental Issues Project :) Population The population has increased because birth rate is higher than death rate. Death rate is lower because of all the better medical equipment we have. Birth rate is higher because the amount of unexpected pregnancies have risen. Population increase has affected land usage and resources because
with more people being brought into the world the amounts of food and
land for building homes is on a large rise. Resources such as food,
clean water, warmth and shelter are necessities for a human to stay alive and
with more people in the world there is more demand for these things and with
more people wanting these, the farmers and other producers have to work harder
to produce more of these. With large amounts of families Global Warming is bound to get higher which
may mean flooding of many of the most productive agricultural areas where more houses and buildings
can be built.
Pollution Population increase has affected
pollution because there is a demand
for vehicles which means there are more
vehicles on the road which leads to
more air pollution. And there is more
litter being put thrown onto the floor
because of the amount of people risen
Acid Rain How is acid rain caused?
Acid rain is caused by a chemical reaction which happens when compounds such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen are released into the atmosphere.These go high up in the air and mix and react with the water and other chemicals to cause the acid rain. Effects Acid rain has shown impacts on all sorts of things such as forests, freshwaters and soils, killing insects and forms of aquatic animals and causing damage to building and health to humans. Beleive it or not we cause a lot of the acid rain in other countries.When us (UK) create air pollution the wind blows it into other countries in Northern Europe like Germany, Denmark and Scandanavia meaning they have acid rain falling on their countries caused by us. Why is acid rain a larger problem in Europe than in the UK? Global Warming What is it?
Global warming is and increase of the worlds temperature because of human activities such as burning fossil fuels such as Coal, Oil and Natural Gas. This releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere such as Carbon Dioxide and Methane. These greenhouse gases then form a layer around the earth trapping heat and rising the earths temperature causing ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise. Differences- Global Warming and Greenhouse Gas Effect The differences An increase in the earth's temperature resulting from the realising of carbon dioxide and water vapour in the atmosphere. Excess amounts of these gases trap heat in the upper atmosphere and reflect it back to earth.
How does Combustion affect Global Warming? Combustion affects Global Warming because the combustion of fossil fuels (for example) in power stations add to Global Warming and produce Carbon Dioxide into the air. How does deforestation affect Global Warming? Deforestation affects Global Warming because trees are 50% carbon which means when they are burned or felled the CO2 the store gets released into the atmosphere. How do cows, rice crops and methane affect global warming? Loads of people believe that cows contribute to Global Warming because of the amount of methane that comes off their POO! Methane is the major component of natural gas, methane is a powerful trapping agent and contributes to Global Warming by holding infra-red radiation near the earths surface.
How do humans add to the build up of methane?
•leaks in methane pipes.
•decay of landfill sites etc.
Rice crops are known to be the largest emitters of greenhouse gases of all crops. Sustainable development. What is it?
Sustainable development is a development made which can carry on and continue. It can be to do with people, the environment or the economy and you continue to do it for a large amount of time. Why is it good for the environment? It is good because people can make sure they dont create as much pollution affecting Global Warming and also its good because they dont destroy wildlife, habitats and homes to use for industrial things. Resources Why should we plan resources carefully?
We should plan very carefully for the future ahead because at the moment we have a lot of gas and electrictity needs which reqire us using fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) which are all non-renewable. We should try and find ways to get this electricity to stop these things from running out. BY LUCY DAWSON. What are the S.S.S.I? S.S.S.I stand for Site of Special Scientific Interest and they are important because they support plants and animals which find it difficult to survive in the wider countryside. What can and do we do to save the environment? We can set up conservation clubs where people work together to look after the environment and get funding from the government and authorities to help look after the wildlife and get local people interested to help aswell.
At the moment people are recycling and trying to cut down on using cars which helps alot.
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