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Political Theatre

An exploration of Brecht, Boal and the theatre of Empowerment

Jonathan Dunn

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Political Theatre

Political Theatre Theatre of Empowerment Augusto Boal Image Theatre Forum Theatre Bertholt Brecht Epic Theatre Verfremdunseffekt ALIENATION TECHNIQUES Episodic Reason over Emotion Direct Address Historification Bare or basic stage and props Multiple Roles Breaking the 4th Wall Didactic Setting action in past or future Each actor plays more than one role No attempt at scenic realism Costume and scene change in full view of audience Gestus Repeated gestures to define character and emotion Narration and Song Narration and songs to break up the emotional through line of the play propaganda: the dissemination of information - facts, rumours, arguments, half-truths or lies - to influence public opinion AGITATION PROPAGANDA
(Agit Prop) Encouraging people to act upon new information or ideas - often in a revolutionary sense A presentational, theatrical form used to disseminate revolutionary ideas and persuade people to act upon these ideas. uses the human body as a tool
for representing feelings, ideas, and relationships works from rehearsal improvisation to create a scene of a specific oppression. Using the Greek terms "protagonist" and "antagonist," Forum Theatre seeks to show a person (the protagonist) who is trying to deal with an oppression and failing because of the resistance of one or more obstacles (the antagonists). Invisible Theatre is a previously rehearsed play that is performed in a public space without informing the public that it is a play. It addresses a precise theme concerning social injustice, such as sexism, racism or ageism. The performance is intended to provoke debate and to clarify the problem with the people who experience it.
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