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Grade 2 - First Day Back

Lesson meant to ease students back into English conversation class and begin the new year as 2nd grade high school students. Korean high school English conversation class.

Natalie Chang

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Grade 2 - First Day Back

Grade 2 English Conversation Let's play. Welcome Back! Count your squares. How many do you have?

Who has the most?
The least? Take as much or as little paper as you would like. 1. Speak English if you can
2. Be prepared: ALWAYS bring a pen or pencil
3. Do your best: Listen & Participate
4. Keep our classroom clean
5. Push in your chairs 1. Speak in English! If you are having trouble:
"What did you say?"
"I don't understand"
"Can you please help me?"
2. Participate
3. Ask questions Grade 2 English Class Classroom Expectations I have 5 pieces of paper:
"Hi, I'm Natalie:
1. My hometown is San Francisco
2. I like to go to the movie theater.
3. I went to Bali during vacation.
4. My favorite movie is "Midnight in Paris"
5. I have 2 younger sisters." Goals for 2nd grade English:
Speaking naturally 1. Why is English important to you?
2. What is your favorite way to practice English?
3. How would you rate your English speaking ability?
1 2 3 4 5 Why? It's a secret. :) English Speaking Project Self Introduction Lunchtime English Visit this classroom at lunchtime: with Natalie :) ask questions
practice English
chat in English Your English Grade: Midterm test: 25%
Final test: 25%
Writing: 20%
Listening: 20%
SPEAKING: 10% 10% Speaking: English Drama Project Write, practice, and perform a short drama in English Groups of 4-5 students
5-10 minute drama performance
Last class of the semester English Drama Project Part 1: Learning about drama
What is drama?
How to act
Speaking naturally

-midterm test-

Part 2: Group Project
Create groups of 4-5 students
Write a short drama (5-10 minutes)
Practice speaking parts and prepare for performance
Speaking test: Final Performance English Drama Project Why? WHY? Acting will teach you how to speak naturally
This project will help you work in English
You will be the creator! You are the:
Actor 10% Speaking Your Grade 50% - Teacher Score 25% - Self Assessment 25% Peer Assessment Teacher Assessment - 50% 25% score from your native teacher
25% score from your Korean teacher Preparation

Speaking ability

Fluency Focus, hard work, and attitude
Thoughtful preparation for performance Equal participation of all group members Pronunciation
Tone Clarity
Emotion Do you understand the language?
Good expression Confidence Self Assessment - 25% You will give yourself a score and it will count for 25% of your total score Did I use English in class?
Did I ask for help from teachers and other students?
Did I work hard every day?
Did I participate equally with my group members?
Did I prepare well for my test?
Did I speak to my best ability during my test? Peer Assessment - 25% Other students will watch your performance and give you a score. This will be 25% of your total score. Was the performance well prepared?
Was the performance creative?
Did the students look confident?
Did all students participate equally in the performance?
Did the students speak in English clearly?
Did I enjoy watching the performance? #1: Speaking is important All semester we will learn about drama
Every conversation class will be preparation for your project
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