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Tim McIlrath

No description

Adeline Kimberling

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Tim McIlrath

Tim McIlrath
Where Did he grow up?
As a child, he moved to Arlington Heights, Illinois, and later to Rolling Meadows Illinois in his high school years. He began his career in Chicago with his post-hardcore band Baxter, which became popular in the underground music scene of Chicago.
Tim was born to two supportive parents as an only child.
November 3, 1978 in Indianapolis, Indiana
Where Did He
Go to School?
Tim attended high school at Rolling Meadows High in Illinois, and later earned college majors in English and Sociology at Northeastern Illinois University
Before Rise Against
Prior to major success in his current band, Rise Against, Tim played in several bands, beginning with Baxter, where he was frontman. Later he formed Arma Angelus with the bassist of Fall Out Boy (Pete Wentz) as the frontman. Tim was involved as the frontman of his band known as The Killing Tree at the same time that Rise Against was gaining popularity. However, The Killing Tree never became popular.
Family Today
Today, Tim is married to wife Erin McIlrath, whom he has two daughters with named Blythe and Scarlet.
Tim is an avid animal rights activist, supporting PETA and promoting vegetarianism, as he is a strict vegan. He also raises awareness for human rights and often adresses issues such as bullying due to homosexuality. He often attends and performs at rallies and conferences regarding political issues and animal rights.
His band, Rise Against, has been nominated for MTV, Woodie, and MuchMusic awards in the categories of "Greatest Social Impact," "International Video of the Year," and finally "Best Video With a Message" twice. Rise Against has written eight albums and several EP's, along with many unreleased tracks and numerous covers, totaling hundreds of songs. They are currently working on their ninth album. Tim has become an icon and role model for vegetarianism, along with animal, social, and political activism.
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