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The media's effect on teen pregnancy

No description

bria a

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of The media's effect on teen pregnancy

The Media's Effect on Teen Pregnancy Statistics 750,000 girls get pregnant each year Most teen moms will end up poor and unmarried Television & Film Juno portrays teen pregnancy as a big joke Non-stop fun Effects 16 & Pregnant 750,000 10 million Juno 16 & Pregnant Secret life of the American Teenager One life to live Degrassi: The Next Generation Glee Teens see pregnancy as easy More babies are born to young mothers Teens don't realize consequenses Public Service Announcments "Pause Before You Play" Candie's Foundation National Campaign to prevent Teen Pregnancy Stay Teen Celebrities Jamie Lynn Spears Bristol Palin 4 out of 10 Double Desensitization Glorification Unrealistic Views Media shows unrealistic pregnancies
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