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Milky Way

By ruby

56 mwps

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Milky Way

The Milky Way is an
island of hundreds of stars,gas, and dust held together
by gravity What is a milky way It is believed to be
around 13.2-13.6
years old how old is the milky way There is no certain
colour what colour is the
milky way Why was the milky way
named the milky way It was named
after the ancient
greeks The MILKY WAY By Ruby Carter Approximately 300 BILLION stars how many stars are
in the milky way what is the shape of
the milky way it is the shape of a whirl pool solar system WHAT....
I didn't know that Galileo had proof that
the Milky Way
contained stars when
he used his telescope. The bulge in the center of the
Milky Way is believed to
contain old stars. REALLY.... The disk of the milky way
is said to be made of
young stars, dust, and gas. WOW... Looking up at the night sky,
all the visible stars you see
are part of the
Milky Way. COOOOL... The Milky Way is a
spiral galaxy AWESOME On a clear night we can see the Milky Way in the sky, the fuzzy
light that stretches from one horizon to the other. This light is made up of a number of stars. Ever Seen
It The stars in the disk of the galaxy orbit around the center in a way similar to
the way in which planets orbit around the Sun. The speed of each star depends on it's distance from the center. orbit
Becklake,Sue,(2006),100 facts on space,Miles Kelly,2002
geographic,national,Milky way geographic,2010(online)available
http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2010/12/milky-way/croswell-text 13 August 2012

Kerrod,Robin,(1984),The mysterious universe,Christensen press

haven't done bibliography yet

http://planetfacts.org/milky-way-galaxy-facts/ bibliography thanks for watching

by RUBY CARTER there are heaps of other galaxies
but i find the milky way the most facinating because
its a spiral galaxie.
contains old and new stars.
all the stars you see in the sky are apart of the milky way.
its named by the ancient greeks
and last but not least it is by far the most sparkly galaxy other galaxies
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