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Business Model Generation

Using business model generation to work through energy friend offer

Colin Robinson

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Business Model Generation

Key Partners Key Activities Key Resources Value Proposition Customer Relationship Channels Customer Segments Cost Structure Revenue Streams Business model is a multi-sided platform, with each side being segmented. Users Installers Group
users Single
users big /
company small /
company sole
trader the business model is dependent on attracting sufficient number of users to increase our network of installers from whom we generate revenue Users Installers Customisation:
Large network of
installers specialising
in different areas,
while still achieving
economy of scale New Service:
Quotes verified
Finance solution

Installation project

peace of mind with
Better Performance:
App enables surveys
to be performed faster
or more efficiently Better Performance:
(as above)

Get Job Done:
Sales and marketing
taken care of
allowing installer to
install Better Performance:
(as above)

Get Job Done:
(as above)

Risk Reduced:
Leads qualified,
more efficient
conversion All customers are provided with personal assistance. For single users, this is by phone, (Upselling)
For group users, this is face-to-face. (Customer Acquisition)

Installers are given dedicated personal assitance by regional manager. (Customer Retention)

An automated system also exists for installers providing marketing intelligence in their territory. Direct:
energy friend.co.uk (awareness, evaluation)
Social Media (awareness)
Newsletter (Evaluation, After Sales)
Regional Managers (Evaluation, Purchase,
After Sales [INST])
Regional Advisors (Evaluation, Purchase,
After Sales [USERS])

Partner Sites (Awareness)
Partner Installers (Purchase, Delivery, After Sales)
Partner Suppliers (Delivery)
PR (Awareness, Evaluation)
Community Projects (Awareness, Evaluation) subscription fee - monthly:
intelligent data
sales and marketing service
access to toolkit

Different size packages are available for different segments.

Where monthly fees dont fit lower usage, usage fees are payable.

Data is accessed on a licence deal giving access to specific areas of data.

Qualified leads are sold as an asset sale with a success fee also payable. Group users pay a project management fee to energy friend and comission from any installation work is also paid The service to single users is mostly provided free - this enables the multi-sided platform to work.

Trail income from key partners can be achieved through upselling to this group, such as:
Additional warranty.
Finance arrangements.
Energy Supplier Switching.
Insurance Products. Think-M Findings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Think-M Key Insights: There is a need for an industry standard for carrying out surveys and providing quotes:
This will increase consumer confidence and boost sales.

A growing number of organisations: large and small are moving into the PV sector where they believe they can add profit. They have a need for market insights and data in order to get traction.

The installation market is highly fragmented and needs a platform to network and collaborate to access larger volumes of work:
large scale projects
big brands Commercial Edge Findings 18,050 installations

54,000 surveys

270,000 surveys Trail income from products sold: finance etc is bigger opportunity to add value. Brand


Survey tool

Financial Products

Intelligent map data

Regional managers

Cental customer service team Web Presence

Stay ahead of curve:
Recommending new products
to householders - beyond PV.

Software for verified quotes
Network for recruiting installers

Finance Provider
Insurance Provider
Service Provider
Leads Provider ??
Energy Company
Manufacturers / Distributors
Data Providers
Fixed Costs:
Salaries and maintaining platforms. High degree
of automation Economy of Scope:
Can support growing network
of installers and technologies Variable Costs: Data

Distribution of PV Kits
(bring economy of scale
to installers) Next:

Test Proposal, insight interviews with installers.
End user survey.
2 weeks.

POWWOW with installers.
<2 weeks.

Commercial Edge:
Model new proposition to compare with original.
Review in 2 weeks.

Continue direct sales market test - 640 houses to go :) + shared space trial
Scope app development

Business Model 2 - Sales & Marketing service to Installers Business Model 1 - Direct sale to end user Revenue Streams Value Proposition Cost Structure Key Resources Customer Segments Key Activities Channels Key Partners Customer Relationship 1. Homeowners:
1a. Retiring (need: supplement . pension income)
1b. Elderly (need: leave better legacy)
1c. New family (Lower bills, finance . to cover cost)

2. New Homebuyers:
. (Need: Pay off mortgage early,
lower bills)
Personal Assistance (salesperson) to survey, advise and close sales.

Customer relationship managed by automated system - follow on sales. Direct Indirect Seg 1

Seg 2 Web
Sales Force Pension Providers Energy Assessors Web Private Sales web Sale of PV system
Sale of Trail Income: Finance Pack
Service Pack
Energy Switch
Web ads/sponsorship 1a. Tax free supplement to
Lower Bills

1b. Long term - higher value legacy.

1c. Additional income
Higher property value
Lower Bills
Finance for install
Example for children

2. Lower Bills
Early repayment of
Responding quickly to web enquiries
Engaging community to raise brand profile
Social Network Marketing
Develop channel partnerships

Plan for future expansion:
Network of installers . offering variety of services.
Green Deal finance Good Salesforce
Clever and easy to use web tools
Brand (s)

Customer Database
Installer Network Supplier relationships: (Leads)
DEAs / Surveyors
Pension Co

Supplier relationships: (Trail income)
Mortgage Co
Finance Co
Energy Co

Strategic Partners:
Service Providers
Data Providers? Fixed

Variable Installations Trail HQ
IT Sales Force
Install base price Sales Force
Install base price @ sales x economy
of scale E

S Energy
Friend Installers Suppliers Activities:
Generate web enquiries
Make Direct Sales
Project Manage Installs
Sell Trail Income
Keep Relationships with end users
Bring new products through Resources:
Sales Staff
Survey Tool
Brand (s)
End user databse
Installer network
Web CRM Partners:
Mortgage Co
Finance Co
Pension Co
Energy Co
Service Providers
Data Providers Web (SEO / Social Media) Suppliers (DEAs, Pensions Co) PR + Engagement Channels Costs Cost of Sale
Installation Cost Fixed Costs HQ + Staff
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