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Inference Practice

How to make an inference and cartoon practice

Andrew Hasbrouck

on 3 October 2011

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Transcript of Inference Practice

Making Inferences An inference is Now let's practice using cartoons Practice definitions and practice Remember! when you make an inference, you cannot open up the book and point to it... it is an educated guess based on ideas from the text read the following dialogue and infer what has happened to the goldfish an educated guess made by connecting info from the text with stuff you already know What is an inference? Mother: “We love ordering sushi, but it was getting expensive. So to save some money…”
Father: “Looks great, honey.”
Mother: “And we’re not real proud of this.”
Father: “No, we’re not.”
Mother: “We, um…”
Daughter: “Have you guys seen Captain Stewie and Little Miss Neptune?”
Father: “Did you look all over the place? Under your desk? All around?”
Daughter: “They’re fish. They live in a bowl.”
Father: “What are you gonna do?”
what do you think? what do you think happened?
what makes you think that? how about this one?
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