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Justin Bieber

No description

Rohit Gautam

on 9 August 2015

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Transcript of Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber

How it all started?
First Record Label
At age of 14,he signed a contract with Island Record offered by Los Angeles, Reid. His first single, One Times was a worldwide hit and soon his first album"My World" was released in 2008. It was an international hit and it was successful of selling more than 137,000 copies within a week of hitting stores. Then, he released his debut album "My world 2.0" in 2010. the song "Baby" became the lead single with over a billion views.
Justin Bieber was on top for a very long time. Day by day, more and more people began to know who he was. He came across as a very nice and giving person, with great musical talent. Justin believed he could make a change with the help of his fans. He has millions of fans that admire his personality and music.

Justin Bieber

Born on March 1, 1994, London, Canada. He was born with natural talents in music. He taught himself how to play piano, guitar and drums.
Justin's road to fame started towards the end of 2007, when he was placed second in singing competetion. Bieber's mother Pattie Mallette, uploaded a video on YouTube, him singing and playing drums. the video got many likes and it also caught attention of many record labels. His manager Scotter Braun and Usher Raymond, helped Justin start his music carrier.
Tranished Image.
While still only in his teens, Bieber has survived his first public scandal. A woman filed suit against Bieber in 2011, claiming that he was the father of her child. But a DNA test proved that the young pop star was not the father and the woman dropped her lawsuit. In 2014, he again Arrested DevelopmeThe latest in a series of troubling events for the singer, Bieber gets arrested for drag racing and DUI in Miami, with reports saying he was pulled over for speeding and failed a sobriety test. The incident comes shortly after his house is raided by the police in connection with an egg-throwing allegation.

Overnight Star
After two albums, In 2011, Bieber took to the big screen in the concert documentary Never Say Never. His fans crowded movie theaters to catch him in action on stage and get a glimpse of his life behind the scenes.That same year, Bieber released an album featuring his own take on such holiday classics as "All I Want For Christmas Is," his duet with Mariah Carey.
Bieber Fever!
Journey around the world.
Billboard Awards
(2011) Top New Artist
(2011) Top Social Artist
(2011) Top Streaming Artist
(2011) Top Digital Media Artist
(2011) Top Pop Album
(2011) Top Streaming Video
(2011) Fan Favorite

Bieber amasses more than 5 million fans and counting on Facebook and Twitter, which is reminiscent of another fan-driven pop presence. Mass hysteria.Teen girls were screaming loudly, crying, passing out while waiting in line for concerts. He was very popular among teen girls.
Sub: Electrical Machines

Made By Group :
Rohit Gautam -130230111020
Shifa Cyclewala-140230111005
Chandan Thakur-130230111058
Alpa Makani-140230111004
Divyesh Lad-130230111028
Raj Bangali-130230111008
Justin Bieber is a good leader and shows because he is hard working and full of gratitude.
He is also very determined to make his dream a reality with a great attitude.
He shows leadership qualities by not giving up on his career even when people and paparazzi tarnish his image believes in himself and in his fans.
He inspires young teenagers across the world to believe in their selves and to never quit or say no.
He also had a hit single called “Never Say Never” and that had a huge impact on some people because they believed Justin was sending a very strong message out to everyone.
He also helps many charities.
He helped Guatemala to build schools.

Leadership Qualities
Justin was an ordinary boy who is very nice and hardworking, with great musical talent. Justin believed he could make a change in the world with the help of his fans. He has millions of fans that admire his personality and music. He is great leader because he does not care what other people thinks or talks about him, he just believes in him and his fans. He never gives up on his dream, and he tells his fans to live up to their dreams, and never say never.

Bieber started n his tour with his first album,MY world and My World 2.0. He has done more than 162 shows for Believe album.And one of the show tickets were sold in less than 22 seconds. He always performs One less lonely girls, and all the girls wants to be his girl.
Fans Favourite.
Dr.S & S S Gandhy Govt.Engg College,Surat
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