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Conditional sentences

No description

annie chan

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Conditional sentences

Conditional Sentences If you wander off too far, my love will get you home.
If you follow the wrong star, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me,
my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home. My Love will Get You Home Which one is the condition?
Which one is the result (consequence)? What is a ‘condition’ ? Miss Chan will punish you if you don’t bring your text book. Miss Chan will punish you if you don’t bring your text book. The result takes place when the condition is fulfilled.

A conditional sentence is used to describe two actions which have reason-and-result relationship If action A would result in action B, then you would put action A in the if-clause (you don’t bring your text book) and action B (Miss Chan will punish you ) in the main clause. If clause, Structure 1 main clause. If Miss Chan gets angry, her husband will comfort her. Main clause if clause. Miss Chan's husband will comfort her if Miss Chan gets angry, Sue has lost her watch. She thinks it may be at Ann’s house.

SUE: I think I left my watch at your house. Have you seen it?
ANN: No, but I’ll have a look when I get home. If…., I…..

If I find it, I will call you.

In this example, Ann will call Sue if she finds her watch. If she cannot find it, she will probably not call Sue. Examples There are four types of conditional sentences
The type identify the time and possibility. Types of Conditional Sentences 0 1 Time Possibility Compare 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr If-clause Main
Clause If you heat water to 100 degree Celsius, it boils. If the weather is fine, we will go to Disneyland. We use this type of condition to express a universal truth. Type 0 - Talking about facts If I put an ice cream in the sun, it melts.
Explanation: It is a fact that ice cream melts in the sun.

If I put a piece of paper in a fire, it burns.
Explanation: It is a fact that paper burns in a fire. Type 1 conditionals are used when action B is likely to happen if action A has happened. This is the most commonly used type. Type 1 - Possible Situations + Giving advice If the weather is fine, we will go to Disneyland.
Explanation: It is just a possibility, it is not a fact.

If you go to classroom 2A, you will see Miss Chan.
Explanation: Again, it is just a possibility, it is not a fact and it is not necessarily true. You might not be able to see her! 1. you / eat too much ice cream // you / get fat

2. the restaurant / be full // we / go to another one

3. you / press this button // the fan / switch off

4. you / not put the chicken in the fridge // it / go bad quickly Type 0 vs. Type 1 If you eat too much ice cream, you will get fat.
If the restaurant is full, we will go to another one.
If you press this button, the fan switches off.
If you don’t put the chicken in the fridge, it goes bad quickly. Structure 2 If you heat water to 100 degree Celsius, it boils If the weather is fine, we will go to Disneyland. If I ________ (work) harder, I ________ (succeed).
If the room _________ (be) on fire, _________(run) to the covered playground as soon as you can.
What _________ (happen) if you _________ (put) ice in the sun?
What ________ (happen) if you ________ (not/study) hard?
If you _________(heat) the ice, it _________ (melt).
If you ________ (not/pay) the bill, your telephone line ________ (be) cut.
You _________ (not/need) to go to school if typhoon signal number 8 _________ (be) raised.
If Mary ________ (enter) the nurse school, she ________ (take) biology next year. What do you think? Type 0 or Type 1?
1. Peter will be sad if Susan leaves.
2. If you cook dinner, I'll wash the dishes.
3. We’ll go for lunch if he comes.
4.If my dad allows, I will go to the camp with you. Conditional Sentences (sentence patterns) -If you _________ me 100pounds , I
__________ you next month.

a- lent / would have paid
b- lend / repaid
c- lend / will repay
d- lent / repay If you __________ the colours blue and
red,you ____________ purple.

a- mix / got b- mixed / got
c-get / mix d- mix / get If you __________ too much, you __________

a- eat / will be
b- eat / are
c- ate / are
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