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Orientation Dice

No description

Annalisa Antonowitsch

on 31 August 2011

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Transcript of Orientation Dice

Welcome to the
Club Cal Neva A Brief History Club Cal Neva Offers: Employee Meals Extra Perks! Nevadan Hotel Discount

Wild Island Amusement Park

European Fitness Able to sign up

Free Checking

2nd Chance Checking

Affordable Loans

Mon – Fri 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-1pm This discussion is for YOUR benefit, please feel free to take notes and ask questions. Payroll and
Compensation ~Pay period begins
Monday – 12:00AM
~Pay period ends
Sunday – 12:01AM

Non-gaming – Tuesdays
Gaming - Wednesdays


~Direct Deposit Payroll ~Based on hourly tip rate and hours worked Grave, days, or swing

~It is against Company Policy to solicit or ask for tips in anyway Tip Compliance Overtime More than 8 hours in a day if you make $10.875 or less

More than 40 hours in a week if you make over $10.875 Available after 1 month of FULLTIME employment
and are interest free

Loans begin at $100 after one month and increases
with work invested time

Starting fee of $15 applies up to $300, 5% thereafter

If you are termed, you still have to pay back the loan

No salary advance Company Loans 401 K 6 month fulltime employment for enrollment
1% automatic pre-tax withdrawl.
1 (800) 294-4015 Century Health Care Available after 3 months

Minimum of 30+ work hours

$18.29 per week

$5.78 Combination Dental/Vision add-on

Up to $50 per Doctor's office visit CDS Medical Insurance One year FULLTIME employment
Full comprehensive medical, dental, and vision
Low co-pays
Preventative Serivces 100% coverage
Children off the plan when they turn 26 years old
$1,000,000. Annual coverage, no lifetime cap

$1000 Deductible
Base Premium $40 weekly ($5.00 reduction for non-smoking)

$2500 Deductible
Base Premium $35 weekly

$5.00 reduction for non-smokers Plan One Discounted medical services
Available after 3 months
Must be uninsured or uninsurable
Full or Part Time
Income qualification
Discounts on medical, dental, vision & pharmacy
$20.00 per month Access to Healthcare Network Accidental Disability-
Sickness Disability-
Hospital Expenses-
Heart and Stroke
Life Insurance Supplemental Insurance Club Cal Neva
Benefits Cash Advance FRIDAY’S ONLY
Maximum advance $50.00
One advance per pay period.
Must have the hours to cover advance Company Policy & Procedure All employees who work in the following departments are required by law to attend an Alcohol Awareness Class within 30 Days upon starting your employment:
Beverage Department
Food (if you serve alcohol)

See HR for details on next class and moore info. Alcohol Awareness Training Drugs & Alcohol The Cal Neva retains the right to test for drugs and alcohol for the following reasons:
Post accident
Reasonable suspicion
Random Testing Any unwanted actions by another individual
Verbal harassment
Touching a person inappropriately
Harassment can include even patting someone on the back for doing a good job Harrasement The team member must be off duty or on a designated break

Name tags must be removed or covered- not visible

Cannot collect winning bets during shift

May not place sports or keno bets while on shift

Any gaming employee can not gamble in his/her place of work, ex. A dealer may not gamble in the pit

Any supervisor/manager can not gamble on property Employee Gambling It is everyone’s responsibility to KEEP CHILDREN OFF THE GAMING FLOOR!!!!
Contact security if you see anyone
who looks under the age of 25. On the Gaming Floor Neat, clean, well-groomed professional appearance. Team members are asked to abide by the following guidelines:
Shower regularly and use deodorant. Choose perfumes and colognes that are lightly scented.
Men’s hair should not extend over their shirt collar and women’s hair should be neat all the time. No bizarre or extreme hair styles.
Hands and fingernails should be well cared for when working with the public
Women should wear make up in good taste
All employees must have pleasant appearing teeth or dentures
Only prescription glasses or contacts will be allowed on the floor
Only company issued promotional badges may be worn
Jewelry should be worn in good taste
Tattoos to be discussed with your manager Appearance Smoking by team members (on shift) is only allowed if:
You are on a designated break
You use the assigned area-& 3rd floor Parking Garage and Lincoln Alley
You are gambling on a machine during a break Team members also may smoke while on property as a guest, but the team member must be out of uniform.
We are required by law to abide by NRS 295.01- The Clean Air Act Smoking Check with your supervisor for proper clock in clock out procedure
Must be working if you are on the clock
If you must miss a shift, call in two or more hours ahead of scheduled start time
Check with your department supervisor for their specific call in procedures Proper call in procedure is YOUR responsibility! Attendance No Personal
Phone Calls!!!!! We perform background checks!
-You signed the release when you were processed
List any charges you’ve left off
Even though there are only two spots for charges, if you have more than two you need to list them all Background Checks We will find out if you have falsified your application and could be subject to immediate termination. Accidents
Regulations Chemical Identification
Hazardous Ingredients
Physical Data
Fire Explosion Data
Health Hazards
Reactivity Data
Spill or Leak Procedures
Special Protection
Special Precautions MSDS BOOK M: Material
S: Safety
D: Data
S: Sheet FIND OUT WHERE THE NEAREST MSDS IS LOCATED! The MSDS describes the physical and chemical properties of hazardous products.
MSDS’s contain useful information such as flash point, toxicity, procedures for spills and leaks, and storage guidelines.
The name of the chemical (same as on the label)
The chemical and common names of the substance
A listing of the ingredients
A statement of the ingredients that are known carcinogens or that present
other known hazards
Any specific hazards MSDS Form Report all spills to your supervisor and security 3333 immediately.
Follow specific instructions in the MSDS
Report any symptoms to your supervisor or security immediately.
Only properly trained staff are to clean hazardous materials.
Make sure ALL chemicals are properly labeled
Any unlabeled containers should be brought to your supervisors attention immediately Hazardous Materials Make sure ALL chemicals are properly labeled
Labeling – see demonstration
Storage: flammable items in correct location (steel cabinets)
Only to be handled by trained employees Never use harsh chemicals (bleach, ammonia, gasoline, etc. to wash your hands! Always follow safe work practices
Report hazards to security/your supervisor
Use personal protective equipment when needed
Comply with all safety instructions
Immediately report any emergency/accident to your supervisor and security
Clean up non chemical spills & debris from floor immediately
USE COMMON SENSE!! Rules to Practice Rules to Practice It is very important that we know about all injuries immediately after they occur.

Should an injury occur, notify your
supervisor and security
no later than 24 hours
from the time of occurrence. Proper Injury
Procedures Report injury immediately to your supervisor and security in order to fill out a C-1
Administer first-aid treatment at the job site, or
Refer you to one of the approved medical facility treatment centers
ARC Health & Wellness
Saint Mary’s Hospital
Above all, do not treat yourself! Prompt care is the best investment for your recovery!
Report restrictions (if any) to Human Resources immediately. They can accommodate you with a light duty job during your recovery period Reporting Injuries Safety Numbers Reno (775) 688-1474
Las Vegas (702) 486-9140
Elko (775) 778-3317
Toll Free (877) 4SAFENV OSHA
TTY 1-877-889-5627 How to Use a
Fire Extinguisher Respirators Face masks are available for use
Only use for intended purpose
Never share masks
Follow ALL instructions on package **Only use for work related activity**
Pay careful attention to gates/doors
Always give cash handlers priority when using elevators
-slot key people Elevator Safety Calling Proceedures In case of an emergency, dial 3333
When security answers:
Give your name
Give your telephone number
Give your specific location
Describe the conditions clearly and accurately
DO NOT HANG UP- more information may be needed. STAY CALM!!
Visually Impared Evacuating the
Hearing Impaired Keep direct eye contact and speak directly at them Mobility impaired individuals should be escorted to the nearest emergency exit and at least two people should remain to assist in further evacuation if necessary

Very Important to consult with the person in the chair
- # of people necessary?
- ways of being moved?
-position of extremities when lifting?
-to be carried forward or backward on stairs?
-type of assistance after evacuation? Evacuating the Mobility Impaired Know the location of emergency exits & fire alarm pull in your area
Upon discovery of the fire notify security 3333 of the location and size of the fire
If trained or for personal safety, you may use a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.
Remember the P.A.S.S. principle when using the extinguisher

Press Aim Squeeze Sweep

If the fire cannot be controlled with a portable fire extinguisher- follow the next steps
Follow the evacuation procedure
Close doors to contain the fire and smoke
Assist guests and fellow team member in leaving the area and proceed to your assigned assembly area
A person whose clothes are on fire should drop on the floor and roll. Smother the fire with a fire blanket. Immediately, call security 3333 for help and remain with the person Fire Evacuation Procedures Bloodborne Pathogens Hepatitis – B & C
Type B most common
HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Less contagious, Non-curable!
Through direct contact, examples:
Infected blood entering an opening or cut
Contaminated hands rubbing eyes or lips
Infected used needle penetrating skin
- Throw away in biohazard container
- Never touch needles! Porters, Security Officers, Engineering, and Housekeeping are offered Vaccinations for HBV - Hepatitis B – see me after Guest Service
and Ethics The importance of providing quality service to our Guests is KEY for
Cal-Neva’s Success Guest Service and Ethics Are the MOST important people we encounter
Are NOT dependant on us; we depend on them
Are the purpose of our work, not an interruption
Have needs and wants, it is our duty to fulfill them Guests Non-welcoming, poor attitude
Looking away or not directing your FULL attention to the guest
Being negative, frowning, or complaining
Ignoring a problem or concern a guest has
Carrying on conversations with co-workers while ignoring a guest
Challenging a guest in anyway! Poor Customer Service If we lose guests it will lead to loss of profits, company downsizing, and finally layoffs

Also, if you are seen providing poor customer service you might be written up

Rule of Ten- for every one guests that has a bad experience, they tell ten other people, therefore we lost ten guests

NEW RULE!!! Assuming most of our guests belong to a Social Network, it is important to realize a single post of one bad experience has the potential of being seen by countless people, breaking the Rule of Ten by a thousandfold. Consequence of Poor Customer Service Delivering Customer Service Keeps Guests coming back
Continually attracts new Guests
Expands company profits
Gives you self fulfillment! Body Language- Say’s everything
Eye contact, posture, humor, facial expressions, proximity
Empathy- put yourself in the guests shoes
Promptness- be quick to their needs
Actively Listen Positive & Effective
Guest Interaction Jerrod Crowder
Safety Standars & Regulations
HR Coordinator Vicki Rapp
Front Window
HR Coordinator Lindsay Meyers
Risk Managment
Director of Human Resources Ashley Barrington
Benefits Admin
Lead HR Coordinator Human Resources
Mon - Fri
8:00 to 4:00 Do you have Any Questions?

Written/Created by:
Richard Andrus ,
Adam Duffenbach
Lindsay Meyers
Ivy Antonowitsch

Edited by:
Ivy Antonowitsch Rules of Conduct Provides information on benefits & insurance

Assistance to understand personnel policies

Promote a positive & fair work environment.

Information on job opportunities

HR is an advocate for all employees of the Club Cal Neva

Human Resources is available to hear any complaints or concerns at any time. Human Resources Club Cal Neva believes in direct line communication between employees and management. There is always an “open door” with any manager or supervisor if there are any problems. Our Policy Meet Our CEO

And FULL-TIME= 32+hrs a week

PART-TIME= less than 32 hrs a week

ON-CALL Employee Status
Definition Clearance form located in Human Resources

Voluntary terminations

Involuntary terminations Final Paychecks Time Away From Work Begins accruing after 6 months of FULLTIME employment.

6 months - 1 year: Earn up to 40 hrs per year

1 - 9 years: Earn up to 80 hrs per year

10 - 14 years: Earn up to 120 hrs per year

After 15 years: Earn up to 160 hrs per year Personal Time Off Full time

One year of continuous service.

30 day max

Personal leaves may be combined with PTO time and/or medical leaves to extend time away from work Personal Leaves of Absence Family & Medical Leave Club Cal Neva will make up the difference between the jury duty pay and your regular pay (excluding tips and overtime), up to 30 days.

You may continue your jury duty service beyond 30 days, but without receiving pay from the Company Jury Duty Employee parking,
Stadium floors 4 – 5 – 6


Don’t cut corners!!!! Parking Do not interrupt other on-duty employees

Do not wear name badges or work uniforms

Not allowed in basement or “employee only” areas of the casino.

Club Cal Neva encourages employees to utilize facilities as a customer Off Duty Use
of Facilities After 30 days, employees may transfer

Subject to 90 day probation.

Performance in current position must be satisfactory or better

Current department head must grant approval

COMMUNICATE! COMMUNICATE! COMMUNICATE! Transfers A program that employees/guests may enroll themselves

Is available to anyone that wants it

1-800-522-4700 Problem Gamblers Helpline

Never offer this to anyone! When the Fun Stops Emergency Time to Review The Club Cal Neva opened its doors in what year?

What type of food discount does the Club Cal Neva offer to employees who are on the clock?

What type of hotel discount does the Club Cal Neva offer to employees?
Where can employees who are on the clock find free beverages?

The Club Cal Neva has _________ pits and more than _________ slot machines. Time to Review Company loans are available to fulltime employees after _____ months?

Check advances are available for fulltime employees on what days? _____

Direct deposit forms are located __________________________________. Time to Review As a fulltime employee, I will qualify for health insurance after __________ months of employment?

After __________ months of fulltime employment, I will be enrolled into a 401K and have 1% of my pre-taxed income deducted from my check.

We provide "ducky" supplemental insurance, can you name one of them? Time to Review What are some reasons a fulltime employee, with
12 months and 1,250 hours of work time can quallify
for up to 12 weeks of Family Medical Leave.

Excluding tips and overtime, the Club Cal Neva will
pay the difference between jury duty pay and Company
pay for up to 30 days. True_____ False_____

You cannot combine PTO with FMLA. True_____ False_____ Which of these locations is smoking permited while on break?
Frieght Elevator Cubby in Lincoln Ally
3rd Floor Parking Garage
Any of our bathrooms
Personal Offices

If I am off the clock, I can still be held accountable for breaking
company policy while visiting the Club Cal Neva. True___ False___

How many years back must I list convictions on my application? ____

I get to miss my work shift without calling in ________ times before I
am in danger of being fired. Time to Review Time to Review What is Security's emergency extention?

Where is your closest MSDS Book?

409 and Windex are both approved chemicals by the Club Cal Neva.
True _____ False ______ Time to Review As long as I have freight, I can use the freight elevators
until I am trained by my supervisor. True ___ False ___

Why is it important to report an injury directly after it has occured? Time to Review What does P.A.S.S mean?

What is the most important thing to remember
while handling any emergency? Time to Review How long can Hepatitis B exist
in a dry environment?

Hepatits B attacks the liver and
is fatal. True___ False___ How to help effectively I have a conflict.
I'm unavailable right now.
I'm not proficient in that, perhaps I can find someone else to assist you better.
I'll have to check with my supervisor.
I haven't been trained to handle that responsibility, perhaps I can find someone else to assist you with your needs.
I'm not comfortable with that.
I'm in the middle of a work assignment right now, can I have someone else assist you with your needs? Sports book in over 28 other properties
Nevadan Hotel
More than 1,200 slots
4 pits + Top Deck Pit and Passion Pit
Poker room
6 restaurants and coffee stations such as:
The Steak House
Sports Deli
Top Deck
Skyway Coffee and Deli
Pasta Shoppe
The Casino Grill 20% off at all restaurants, excluding The Steakhouse to all employees while ON SHIFT. Top Deck and Casino Grill budget menu offers
a 10% discount.

Vending Machines

EDR (Employee Diningroom) TIME TO REVIEW 1. Name the CEO of the Club Cal Neva.
2. Human Resources is the best place
to find information regarding...
3. Each employee name one rule
of conduct. Tip Policy Plan Two Introduction The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law forbidding discrimination against persons with disabilities passed by Congress and signed by President Bush on July 26,1990. American Disabilities Act Examples
Challenging someone to a fight; provoking a fight engaging in assult or battery.
The company strictly prohibits work place violence or the threat therof, and such cases will be taken very seriously.

Refusing to carry out the reasonable order of a supervisor.

Abuse or neglect of any duties or any customer.

Absence without proper notification(No call /No show). Unsatisfactory work performance.


Making dispariging remarks about the company, its facilities or personnel, or the services or products it provides,
general rudeness, insolence. Engaging in any conduct which when revealed may:
Reflect unfavorably upon the companys reputation, goodwill or standing in the community.

Adversley affect the companys business or future business.

Render the employee less effective, credible or desirable as a representative of the company coming in contact with others.

Soliciting tips, discounts, favors or other concessions.

Gossiping or rumoring with the intent or effect of discrediting, disparaging, generating unrest, distrust or undo concern. Up to 12 weeks unpaid medical leave.

Child Birth

Adoption or Foster Care

Serious illness to self

Serious illness to family member

Must have 12 months employment and have worked 1250 hrs Any request for accomodations must be made to Lindsay Meyers in Human Resources.
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