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what is a prezi tech fair project

No description

A Miller

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of what is a prezi tech fair project

So... what is a prezi?
Well I'll tell you. All through this PREZI I will tell all the cool things a prezi can do and what it is.
One thing that you can do is add in a PowerPoint. How cool is that!

Why don’t you add in a PowerPoint!

awesome right
What else can you do?
Well lets think......
Well you can add a You Tube link

like so.....
What is a prezi?
I used google URL shortener.
So... are you ready?
I sure hope so!
It's a Hungarian software company
It was created in 2008 to replace ordinary slide based presentations (like Power Point).
But it was officially established in 2009 by co-founders Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Halacsy and Peter Arvai.
Another thing you can do is add pictures
Like so
And so
This video is about the MataMata turtle.
So is your brain full yet?
I hope not
Ready to learn more?
Good here we go!
I bet you are wondering what that button that says themes does. Well when you click on it you can either pick one of the options it gives you, or you can customize your own. The theme is the background color, the color of the arrows, frames, the word color and way it looks, and the highlighters. The theme I am using I customized myself.
So I bet you have been noticing how I have been putting frames inside of frames.
Well, there is an icon that says frames and arrows. If you click on that it will pop up with some options if you want a frame (like the circle or the rectangle) you can click those options and choose from some different styles. I'll have to say though my favorites are the circle and the bracket.
Like this
Or this
Or this
Or this
Frames and arrows icon.
Another thing you can do under the frames and arrows icon is you can draw arrows, lines, and you can use the highlighter to high light important words.
Examples of arrows.
Examples of lines.
Examples of highlighting.
This is highlighting












Here is a video on how to use a Prezi
My source
Some other sources:
Microsoft office Power point
This has been a Power Point
By: Mary Miller
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