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1600's Fashion in England

No description

anastasia hernandez

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of 1600's Fashion in England

Women in the 1600's wore dresses because the dresses tells where they stand in society. Noble and royal women had access to fine material unlike the lower class women. Lower class women had access to what ever was available to them.
Women's fashion
kids fashion
Kids back then wore the same clothing as adults but they did not used so many jewelry as the adults use on their outfits. The young boys wore tights and buff but not to buff shirts just like the older men. The g girls wore almost the exact same outfit as the older women did but they did not used so much jewelry.
family fashion
families usually match their outfits they never mismatch their styles.
Men's fashion
Men in the Elizabethan era wore buff looking clothes, royal men wore really buff clothing to show that they are in power. They usually used Linen
Embroidery made from gold and silver
Buttons, worn by the rich, were made from silver and gold and often had a setting of gemstones

by: Anastasia Gordon

1600's Fashion in England
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