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Jason Voorhees vs. Michael Myers

Persuasive Speech

Danny Guerra

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Jason Voorhees vs. Michael Myers

Jason Voorhees
Michael Myers Who Are They? Origin Similarities Differences The Better Killer? Jason Voorhees is a fictional serial killer in the Friday the 13th movie series. Jason stands at 6 ft. 5 in. tall in the movies, but originally stood at 9 ft tall.
His face was deformed which also caused him to grow at a such tall height.
He wears a hockey mask to hide his face, and wears old ragged clothes.
He uses a machete for his wapon of choice. Micheal Myers is a fictional serial killer from the Halloween movie series. Michael Myers stands at 6 ft. 3 in. tall
Michael wears a mask of a white pale man with long brown hair, and wears an old mechanic's outfit.
Michael uses a kitchen knife as his weapon of choice. When Jason was eleven years old, he went to a camp called Camp Crystal Lake, where his mother was a cook.
The children at the camp made fun of him because of the way he looked and said that he couldn't swim.
Jason tried to prove the other child wrong by going to the lake at midnight and tried to swim.
The counselors weren't paying any attention to Jason and drowned while tried to swim.
Jason's mother found out what happened and tried to kill all of the counselors at the camp.
One of the counselor decapitates Jason's mother in attempt to kill them.
Jason survives and seeked revenge for what happen to her mother by killing anyone who enters the camp. Jason Voorhees has been killed almost in ever movie, but comes back to life in the sequels.
Whenever Jason is finally killed, he literally comes back stronger.
He has super human strength, and is able to withstand being shot, stabbed, and even more gruesome attacks.
Jason Voorhees has been in twelve movies including the rebbot in 2009. By: Danny Guerra At age six, Micheal Myers murdered his solder sister on Halloween night, and was later locked up in a mental hospital.
He later escapes when he was older and tries to head home, attepting to murder his younger sister.
He fails trying to find her and murders her friends instead.
He keeps his spree, believing that his sister died in a car accident. Michael Myers was included in ten horror films.
He was also killed in every one of his films.
He can also withstand attcks.
He was also included in reboots of his films. The two serial killers both never speak, and wear a mask to hide their faces They both reach at a very tall height, and murder because of history involving family. They also use blades as their preferred weapon. According to the movies, Jason seems to be the stronger of the two.
Jason is also taller than Michael. Jason was deformed, and Michael didn't have any deformation of any part of his body. Jason is able to survive gunshots to any part of his body; Michael has been killed from gunshots. Jason uses a larger blade to use on his victums. In conclusion, I think that Jason Voorhees is the better of the two. WINNER! YAY! BOING!
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