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New Hampshire

No description

Audrey Brown

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of New Hampshire

New Hampshire
A new life awaits you...

New Hampshire: History
Founded in 1623 by John Mason. The land of New Hampshire was granted to John Mason who was living in England at the time. John Mason then sent settlers to the land to create a fishing colony. New Hampshire was created as an escape for those constricted by religious and economic rules.
Climate and Geography
The climate in New Hampshire is relatively cold and the best for winter fashion attire. If you're an aspiring artist the best winter shots are located here in the state of New Hampshire. Because of our awesome climate small safe towns are what you'll find here. The only risk factor with our climate is that there's so much awesome snow.
New Hampshire
Job and Money Opportunities
There are many different ways to make a living in New Hampshire.
fisherman, ship-building, and sailing
salt making
barrel making
grist mill working
grind stone carving
All of these job opportunities effect one another. Everything in New Hampshire is interconnected so when you make something it doesn't just effect you.
Audrey Brown
History 8-5
Religious Freedom & Holidays
Escaping Puritan harshness is what led these settlers north and inland. Religious dissenters of the Massachusetts Bay colony settled in
New Hampshire to escape the pressure of the Puritans.
Your last chance for a better life...
Daily Life
Big fireplaces are a must for those chilly winter nights. The best part about the fire places is that you get free labor from your children to keep it stocked. Normally women or the second in command will cook the meal in gigantic pots over the fire or in ovens that are embedded into the chimney.
John Wheelwright founded the New Hampshire settlement Eexter. John Wheelwright came to New Hampshire because of his defense of his sister Anne Hutchinson. Anne Hutchinson was speaking of religion which caused major turmoil in Massachusetts. Religious controversy in Massachusetts was one of the main reasons for New Hampshire's settlement.
Daily Life
Women are responsible for "indoor" responsibilities like gardening, smoking meat, and milking cows while the men are responsible for "outdoor" activities like planting crops, butchering livestock and fixing fences. Meanwhile the children will mainly help the women with basic house chores. Game and bread is what we mainly eat here because it's healthy and it tastes so good!
Daily Life in New Hampshire is very rewarding to you physically and emotionally. Physically it's rewarding to you because it will keep you physically fit. Also emotionally it's rewarding to you because the cool breeze doesn't keep you hot-headed like the southern colonies.
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