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Denver International Airport

No description

Anna Barnes

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport
In 1995, the infamous Denver International Airport (DIA) opened. Ever since the airport's opening, it has been the subject of many conspiracy theories.
On the outside of the building...
The building resembles the peaks and valleys of the nearby mountains
The runways resemble a swastika
The stallion that greets you looks demon possessed
When building, most companies hire a contractor, who then hires sub-contractors to do jobs such as plumbing, but not DIA. DIA however, hired sub-contractors to carry out small assignments of work only, then dismissed them from the site.
Some people believe that the approach of hiring sub-contractors and then immediately firing them after their job was complete was to ensure no one saw the full scale of construction.
DIA also went over their budget.
The estimated cost was $158,689,000 but ended up costing $482,200,000
DIA's Estimated Operations and Maintenance Costs for Fiscal Year 1996

by Cost Category

Cost category Estimated cost
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------
Personnel $44,125,000
Cleaning 20,648,000
Utilities 19,438,000
Supplies and materials 9,681,000
Repairs and maintenance 8,374,000
Professional services 8,099,000
Police 7,726,000
City interfund services 7,014,000
Stapleton International Airport 5,749,000
Underground train 5,662,000
Variable rate bond fees 5,142,000
Aircraft rescue and fire fighting 5,012,000
Management fees 4,001,000
Shuttle bus services 3,120,000
De-icing facility management fee 2,027,000
Other contractual services 1,431,000
Fuel line fill-up 985,000
Miscellaneous 455,000
Total $158,689,000
Category Cost
------------------------------------------------------------ --------
Cost to Denver Airport System
Construction $3,004
Airport planning and land 261
Capitalized interest 915
Bond discounts 43

Total cost to Denver Airport System 4,223
Cost to others
FAA's facilities and equipment 199
United Airlines' special facilities 261
Continental Airlines' special facilities 73
Rental car facilities 66

Total cost to others 599
Total costs of Denver International Airport $4,822
DIA built five buildings and then buried them. Their reasoning was that the buildings were positioned incorrectly.
The airport resembles the peaks and valleys of the surrounding mountains. The tops also resemble the tents of the Indian tribes that use to live in Colorado.
Runways are situated due to the way the wind blows. At Denver International Airport, the wind blows so that the runways have to be situated in the shape of a swastika.
The Stallion
When you enter the gates of the airport, a 32 foot high fiberglass stallion with popping veins and glowing red eyes greets you.

Many spectators say it reminds them of the Pale horse of the Apocalypse, or otherwise known as the horse of death.
The horse killed his creator, Luis Jimenez, while he was working on it. A portion of the sculpture came loose and smashed him, causing fatal injuries.
The inside of the building...
Alien words
Australian Antigen
Time capsule
Alien Words

Other Words:
Cochetopa-place in Colorado
Mt. Blanca-mountain in Colorado
Time Capsule
Cochetopa-place in Colorado
Mt. Blanca-mountain in Colorado
Villarreal; Braaksma
definition unknown
definition unknown
The time capsule's capstone reads New World Airport Commission. The New World Airport Commission does not exist.
Photos of Coors Field and an autographed opening-day game ball
Indian prayer baskets representing Native American culture and indigenous peoples
Black Hawk casino tokens
A piece of the DIA roof
A Stapleton International Airport history book
Newspaper articles about DIA’s opening day
Coins from the Denver Mint
Jeppesen flight charts
Mayor Wellington Webb’s sneakers
Photos of Mayor Webb and the Pope during World Youth Day in Denver
Time Capsule Contains:
The garagoyles do not have a purpose.
Spectators believe they are only there to add to the strange atmosphere of the entire place.
“Peace and Harmony with Nature“
Children of the World Dream of Peace
Peace and Harmony with Nature
Saddened children with extinct animal and plants.
In the background, a forest on fire and further back, a city on fire.
It looks like the city is surrounded by a colored haze, as if it was attacked by a bio-chemical weapon.
One of the children holds a Mayan tablet depicting the end of civilization.
One girl holds a Bible and a yellow “juden” star used by the Nazi's to identify jews. It seems to symbolize the death of judeo-christian beliefs.
Children of the World Dream of Peace
This big and aggressive Nazi soldier, has a face shaped like a gas mask. His hands are holding a rifle and a scimitar, which is like a sword, that is killing the peace that the dove symbolizes. On the left is an endless lineup of crying parents holding their dead baby.
Au-Ag symbols code for the “Australian Antigen.”
Many claim that the Illuminati are going to take over the airport to form the New World Order. The disease called Australian Antigen is their weapon of choice.
Alien Words
Time Capsule
Swastika Runways
Demon Stallion
Building that resembles the surrounding mountains
Peace and Harmony with Nature
Children of the World Dream of Peace
In conclusion, the runways, odd words, and the murals are all proof that the Denver International Airport is the home of the New World Order.
From the inside out, Denver International Airport has been the focus of conspiracy theories because of how the runways are set up, the odd words, and some sinister murals, but some people do not see it that way.
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