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Curriculum Design Toolkit

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Helen Barefoot

on 18 March 2012

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Transcript of Curriculum Design Toolkit

The curriculum design toolkit approach has been developed to help staff take a considered look at their current curricula in terms of their learning, teaching, assessment.
There are eight strands of the toolkit each with a set of principles of good practice to help you develop your teaching.
Each principle has five statements to help you consider the principle and you can reflect on your own practice by working through the diagnostic spreadsheet (accessed via the spanner symbol) to help you identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.
You may then like to consider your results in the context of the Features and Consequences (red, yellow and green columns). Text above the line indicate the features of practice and the text below the line suggests the consequences for the students.
We have also provided some quick tips/examples of how the principles are being applied in different contexts within the University of Hertfordshire.
The toolkit is presented within 'Prezi'. This allows all strands to be initially visible and for you to zoom in and focus on different elements as you choose.
By clicking on an object it will zoom into view and you can further explore the images/text/video or web links. To zoom back out you can use the magnifier on the side of the screen or you can return 'home'.
This document sets out Seven Principles for Good Practice in Enterprise Education. These have been devised and developed by Professor Nigel Culkin, Dr Norbert Morawetz and staff from the Learning and Teaching Institute.
Design Toolkit

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