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Fafsa & Financial Aid

A Look at What Financial Aid is Available!!

R Montano

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Fafsa & Financial Aid

-United Negro College Fund
- www.uncf.org

- The SallieMae Fund-Black College Dollars
- www.salliemaefund.org for more info!
-Americorps- 300 hrs= $1175 Minimum Schol.


-More info with Service Learning Dept
-Hispanic Scholarship Fund

-MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense Fund)
- www.Maldef.org

-Latin American Educational Foundation
Paying for College
Quick Steps to Financial Aid
Things to do before Applying
What happens next?
Grants-Free Money
Pell Grant
SEOG Grant
Leap Grant
Federal Work Study
On-Campus employment
Flexible work schedules
Funding from the U.S. Department of Education set aside for college students
1).Get a Pin Number (www.pin.ed.gov)
2).File Taxes for 2013
3).Fill out a FAFSA (www.fafsa.gov)
"Apply when its early"
4).Follow Up with the College
"Be Proactive"
5).Submit Any Needed Items
6).Receive your Financial Aid.
A Student Aid Report (SAR) will be available to the student online.

The School receives your FAFSA information usually in 3-5 days.

* The School may request more information
- Verification (2013 Tax Transcripts are
sometimes needed)
Check your student account for details
Most Schools have a student account where you can see the status of your Financial Aid and other items needed
The School awards the student and sends an award notification
Once tuition and fees are paid, any credit to the student's account will be refunded to the student
What is Financial Aid?
-Apply for a pin number for the
student and parent
* similar to a ATM Pin Code, used
sign the fafsa & make
-File your taxes as soon as possible

-Take a look at the fafsa website
Loans-Borrowed Money
Federal Student Loans
Subsidized (FSL) 3.86%
Unsubsidized (UFSL) 6.8%
Parent PLUS Loans 6.41%
Time for an Award
Fill out your Fafsa
Takes 30-45 min to complete
The Fafsa provides a help window to ease the process and explain where to look if amounts are needed
- IRS can now link your tax information by confirming with your pin
- This will reduce the amount of errors made on the income section
- Will speed up the processing time on the college side of award.
- Can be used for student & parent
- Note: Not everyone can use this IRS tool.

- If one has already been completed before, a Renewal Fafsa can be
done which is even faster, all you do is update various information
Thank you for listening..

What are they?
Money donated to students to help pay college expenses
Awarded to students who meet certain criteria
Funds do not have to be paid back
They are free!! Do not apply to scholarships that charge a fee
Where can they be found?
High School Guidance Counselor
Clubs- even if you aren't a member yet
Groups and/or employers
The College you plan to attend
The Internet
- www.collegeanswer.com
- www.fastweb.com
MCC Scholarships
MCC Scholarship Listing
- 1 page to see and apply to many different scholarships
-Merit based
-Non-merit based

- Check the MCC Scholarship Website at

- Scholarship Deadlines Vary
MCCCD Scholarships
Foundation Scholarships
- Various scholarships available from our
District Foundation Office
- Not all require US Citizenship
- To any of the Maricopa Community Colleges
- www.maricopa.edu/foundation
- STARS Online used to apply and check status
Other Scholarships
Have a HS Diploma, GED or equivalent
Minimum GPA of 3.25 or higher with 12 credits completed
Be enrolled in at least 1 honors course of 3 credits
Contact Honors for more info at 480-461-7143
Honors Achievement Award
Hispanic Scholarships Available
Community Service Scholarships
Tribal Scholarships
Check with Tribal Agency for opportunities

FAFSA Must be completed

Proof of Tribal Affiliation

Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)
Access to your information
- Register for classes
- Check Financial Aid Status
- Request transcripts
- Pay Tuition/ Payment Plan
Helpful Hints
Following Up with Our Office
Search early and often for scholarships

Spend time on your application
- Follow Instructions

Use a Word Processor to write your essay

Have your application proofread

Make copies of everything you send
Southern & Dobson Campus Red Mountain Campus
1833 W. Southern Ave. 7110 E. McKellips Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85202 Mesa, AZ 85207

Phone: 480-461-7441
Email: finaid@mcmail.maricopa.edu
Website: mc.maricopa.edu/financialaid
School Code: 001077
African American Scholarships
Some important items for FAFSA
Students must meet certain requirements in order to receive financial aid
Must be a U.S. Citizen or Eligible Non-Citizen
Must possess a HS Diploma or GED
Some exceptions exist, contact the financial aid office specifically for each scenario due to large variety
These requirements have changed significantly as of July 1, 2012
IRS Data Retrieval Tool
A faster way of including income on fafsa
-reduces errors
-speeds up process
-makes it easier for financial aid dept.

Cannot be used if student/parents filed:
An amended tax return
Head of Household
Puerto Rican or foreign tax return
Recently filed taxes (within two weeks)
MSRP Citi Refund
Maricopa Student Refund Program- A process for students to receive a refund in a convenient and efficient manner
- Direct Deposit
- Visa Check Card
- Check
Book Advance- A portion of financial aid
issued through the MSRP program to purchase
text books based on financial aid, scholarship eligibility, and excess funds available
Book Advance Option
Fast Tracking the Dream
Savings account that can be used for Tuition/Fees & Books
Have a job (or work study job)
An active Americorps member
Provide proof of income
Savings account that provides a 3:1 match in funds contributed
Minimum of 6 months, minimum deposit $25
Must take a financial literacy course
Contact the Center for Service Learning for more details 480-461-7393
Financial Literacy
Increasing the ability for postsecondary
students to use knowledge and skills to make good decisions related to budgeting, borrowing, and repayment strategies
The Basics
Repayment Strategies
Federal Loans vs. Private Loans
Maximizing other sources
Minimize borrowing
Repayment Strategies
Basic Fundamentals of a loan
Repayment benefits of a Federal Loan
Who to contact and keeping in touch
Login to use resources
Financial Awareness Counseling
Loan Counseling
Needs Vs. Wants
Only form of taxes accepted

- Must be requested directly from the
- NOT a copy that the tax preparer
- IRS Form 4506-T to request these
documents if selected for
Tax Return Transcripts
College Goal
What if I Procrastinate?
Waiting until the last minute can
have burdening consequences
-Paying out of pocket
-Payment plan as only option
-Set you back one semester
-Borrow money from family
-Spend more time worrying about
tuition,books,fees instead of class
-Will affect your performance in class
which will also affect your financial
Non-peak Season
Peak Season
I am Independent?
People confuse the IRS definition of being
"Independent with the Dept. of Education
Can You answer "Yes" to any of these?
If you could NOT answer "Yes"
You are considered a "Dependent"
Student by the Dept. of Education
and will need to provide Parent
Information on your Fafsa
How to get your
Financial Aid ready
This student account gives you
access to your information

- View "To Do" List
- Register for Classes
- Check Financial Aid Status
- Pay Tuition & Payment Plan
- Request Transcripts
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