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fullmetal alchemist prezi

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jakoba mordekay

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of fullmetal alchemist prezi

FullMetal Alchemist by
Hiromu Arakawa setting main characters why i chose this book and who would i rocomend this to
overall here's a short video this first takes place in resembool.
This time was supposed to be after the European Industrial Revolution like 70 years later when Edward and Alphonse elric become 15 and 14 years old. The main characters are Edward
Elric and Alphonse Elric.during the age of 10 and 11 their mother died. Using the transmutation circle
they tried to bring back their mother. With this they had to do equivalent exchange. Ed lost his right arm and his left leg but al lost
his whole body. Luckily Ed made a
blood seal inside of a suit of armor
and Al came back to life. havoc i chose this book because i love the
fullmetal alchemist series and the show
as well. I would recommend this book
to anyone who loves to read adventurous,
action pack and funny books. Over all i loved this book. It was fun to read and a little sad as well when it came to the sad parts but overall i loved it. thx for watching Roy Mustang Maes Hughes Alex Louis Armstrong
(A.K.A major Armstrong) lieutenant hawk eye izumi or teacher Winry
Rockbell Envy honenheim pride characters mustang is one of the elite
people in the army. He looks
like he can bee really serious but
is really a critic. He jokes around more than actually being really focused. Also he can be really dumb
as well. Maes Hughes is typically
your average dad but talks about his daughter, wife and his love life which obviously does get annoying but funny at the same time. Major Armstrong loves talking
about himself, his body and his
amazing personality. Also when ever he uses alchemy he makes sculptors of himself to crush people with. lieutenant Hawk eye seems to be a really mean
person but she is nice and
if she tries to show how
nice she is she just grabs a gun and start firing away. Izumi is ed and al's techer.
She told everything she
knew about alchemy to
them but she also has a
short fuze so she got mad
easily if ed and al failed. Havoc is a person
who always wants
the girls but majorly fails
all the time. Winry is a girl who
like's tons of technology
and spends he time making
auto mail(which is a type
mechanical arms and legs
for humans). She also is
Ed and Al's child hood friend Envy is sorta Edward and
Alphonse's older brother but he was dead but brought back
to life. He can transform into anyone he see's or anyone he knows. honenheim is ed and al's father.
He was the first person in his
family to do and use alchemy. pride is a the person
who created the
transmutation circle for
evil uses. He also can take over people's
bodies and use them for his own uses.
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