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Art Criticism

This Prezi will help you write a focused, clear and organized piece of art criticism for 9th grade Studio Art.

Stephanie Roberts

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Art Criticism

"The Scream"
Edvard Munch
oil, tempera and pastel on cardboard
1) ALWAYS start with the
-Artist's Name
- Title
- Year the art was made
2.) List about TEN factual items from the piece. (describe what it is you are looking at...in a way that paints the picture with words.)
3.) Discuss the Elements of Art.
2. Analysis Paragraph
Discuss how the artist used the Principles of Design.
3. Interpretation Paragraph
What do you think the
message of the artwork is?
-Include supporting facts that explain
what you are thinking...title, the objects
in the painting, prior knowledge.

-Describe specific elements and principles (from step 1 and 2) that support your thoughts.
4. Judgement Paragraph
-Personal Opinion...Do you like it or not?
-Is the artwork successful based on one of the three aesthetic theories....
1) Imitationalism
2) Formalism
3) Emotionalism
Art Criticism
A systematic way of discussing and writing about artwork, written in 4 paragraphs.
1. Description
2. Analysis
3. Interpretation
4. Judgement
Imitationalism- Realistic representation of the subject.
Formalism- Effective organization of the Elements of Art through the use of the Principles of Design.
Emotionalism- Effectively communicates the mood, feeling, or idea of the artist.
Think. Pair. Share.
On your own....
Think. Pair. Share.
Group Share.
With your partner, write the
Paragraph about the following painting on pg. 169
5 min.
With your group, write the
Paragraph about the following painting on pg. 169.
5 min.
With your partner, write the
Paragraph about the following painting on pg. 169.
5 min.
Write the
paragraph. Be sure to choose 1 of the aesthetic theories it is successful at.
3 min.
5.3 Assess artworks and their meanings by using a variety of criteria and techniques.
5.3.1 Use appropriate vocabulary to assess the meaning of a work of art.
5.3.2 Apply steps of criticism when identifying meaning in a work of art.

1. Describe the 4 steps of an Art Criticsim.
2. Describe the meaning of an artwork, by using the 4 steps of Art Criticism.
3. Apply the 4 steps of an Art Criticism to evalutate a work of art.
Art Criticism
Door Pass:
1. Describe what Art Criticism is.
2. What are the 4 steps to Art Criticism.
3. How can Art Criticism be used in your everyday life?
5.3.1 Use appropriate vocabulary to assess the meaning of a work of art.
5.3.1 Use appropriate vocabulary to assess the meaning of a work of art.
ALWAYS in this order.
Grant Wood's painting, American Gothic, from 1930, is 29" x 24". The media is oil paint on beaver board. It is a portrait of a man and woman. The man holds a pitch fork in his right hand, and is wearing glasses, overalls and a blazer. The woman has on a black dress with a white collar and a broach. They are standing in front of a farm house and red barn. The artist has used dull colors, that are true to life. He has created simulated textures in the wrinkles of their faces and the overalls worn by the man. By using different color values on the figures', faces and on the shadows of the house's porch, he has created form.
Wood has employed symmetrical balance in his painting with the two figures. He creates pattern by the lines of the pitchfork being repeated in the seam of the man's overalls. The heads of the figures are given emphasis by being linked to the horizontal lines of the porch roof and the diagonals forming the peak of the roof.
My interpretation of this painting is that Wood is depicting rural America, as evident in the title, in the 1930's, just before the Great Depression. He is trying to show the man's role as the hard laborer, by him holding the pitchfork; and the womsn's role in the home and kitchen, by having her wear an apron. This very straight forward symmetrical, balance, and the modest dress of the people, is Wood's comment on how simply people lived at that time. They weren't concerned with technology or fashions of the day, rather day to day work and life. The texture of their faces also leads me to believe that these people are hard workers.
I enjoy looking at his painting. It is successful in the aesthstic theory of Imitationalsim. Wood has successfully represented his subject; a man and woman, and the background.
Grant Wood. American Gothic. 1930. Oil on beaver board. 29" x 24". The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.
Bell Work
Take a full
minutes to view and closely study the painting on
pg. 169
in the textbook.
Make an inventory list of
you see in the painting.
is the minimum.)

Use your
art vocabulary
when describing something (i.e The girl's pink dress is very low intensity in value.).
write any
about anything in the painting (i.e. The girl seems to be staring at an ugly house.

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