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Meetecho presentation at the University of Napoli (in the presence of VCs)

Simon Romano

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of MeetechoPitchAtUnina

Background, history and path forward... Meetecho: a start(ed)-up and a spin-off of the University of Napoli
- A platform for web-based collaboration

- High scalability and enhanced QoE (Quality of Experience)

- Standards-compliant: focus on opennes and interoperability

- Cloud-enabled: SaaS as a first choice business model

- Mobile-friendly
Business summary... Strategic board:
- S. P. Romano, Prof. @ unina
- G. Ventre, Prof. @ unina
- Danilo De Mari, CFO

- Tobia Castaldi, CEO
- Lorenzo Miniero, COB
- Alessandro Amirante, CTO The Meetecho team 1. Public funding:
- "Start-up competition" (Italian 'Ministero Sviluppo Economico'): 500 KEuros

2. Foreign customers:
- IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force): official tool for Remote Participation support
- ACM (Association for Computing Machinery): Sigcomm2012 conference
- Ciaotech (http://www.pnoconsultants.com/): periodic webinars associated with a number of European projects

3. Italian customers:
- SEAT: an SMS on-demand service based on Meetecho
- Telecom Italia (back in 2010): Working Capital initiative
- Nica SRL: Meetecho integration with the WinWaste product
- Production SPA: Meetecho used in SaaS mode
Financial highlights
(official stuff) Meetecho technology and skills as re-usable assets for novel, cutting-edge solutions for Next Generation Networks

A couple of brand new ideas coming to the fore:

1. SOLEIL: Streaming Of Large Scale Events over the Internet cLoud:
+ scalable broadcasting of live events

2. Mee(TV) : www.meetv.tv
+ a real-time, interactive, community-based, Web TV
+ putting together SOLEIL broadcasting capability and Meetecho real-time interaction and collaboration functionality Beyond web-conferencing Wrap-up Financial highlights
(unofficial stuff)

1. European funding:

- Meeteach Eurostars project:
+ a joint initiative of Epsilon SRL (co-founder of Meetecho) and Exodus (Greece)
+ a successful integration of e-learning and real-time collaboration

2. Public funding in Italy:

- Industria 2015 (within the framework of a research contract between unina and Indra, a multinational hi-tech company):
+ Meetecho as a tool for the collaborative design of fashion creations

- PONREC2012, "SmartHealth2.0" project:
+ Meetecho (through unina) as a tool for on-line, collaborative diagnosis of DICOM medical images
What we DO NOT expect from you
(as a VC)

- yet another 'incubator' site willing to host us
- your small change
- your 'flapping' advice
- your usual attempt at educating us on how to properly write a BP
- your request for the development of YASAPP (Yet Another Stupid APP)

What we DO expect from you

- the 'real' money needed for taking off:
1. sales & marketing as a first priority
2. technology-related investments as a welcome addition

- market- and customer-oriented guidance and advice

capital seeking: 1.300 KEuros
(drop us an e-mail if you want to receive our detailed BP)
team@meetecho.com 2 - Meetecho: a start-up and a spin-off of the University of Napoli
- Focus on real-time and web-based collaboration
- A highly competitive company in a highly competitive market
- An open-minded team with a strong engineering bias
- Already getting prepared to new exciting challenges
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