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Globalization in UAE & its effects on Education system

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wafa ahmed

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of Globalization in UAE & its effects on Education system

Globalization in UAE & its effects on Education system
Disadvantages of Globalization
Globalization's influences on UAE’s education System
benefits :-
what is Globalization?
In its simplest term globalization is a process which enables countries or societies to connect with the rest of the world with the help of technology, products, companies, travel, import and export. It is also known as a process of international integration arising from the interchange of worldviews, products, ideas and other aspects of culture.
loss of Identity
We all know that out of the 4.5million people living in the UAE, 80% are foreigner and only 20% are UAE nationals. These numbers shows us that there is an increase in cultural blend and that more and more UAE nationals are losing their identity as well as their customs. A recent survey shows that amongst 100 UAE nationals only 28% of them knew their own background and their family ties. In addition, free trade has also played a role in destroying the culture of a country. How you ask? Well due to an increase in imports and exports of goods and products, a country has easy access of other countries products which means that the cultural uniqueness is lost.
Environment pollution
the lack of concern on the environment. Concerns have been raised about the environment pollution in the UAE and how people are showing no interest in improving the environment. Although, UAE has played its role in cleaning up the environment and by concentrating its recourses in developing ways that will not harm the environment, such as Masdar City which operates under renewable energy like solar energy. Its citizen still lacks the motivation and commitment in saving the environment.
What is globalization and how does it affect the people living in United Arab Emirates? Does this effect, benefit the society or does it do more harm than good? how was the education system impacted by globalization? These are just some of the questions I will be focusing on in this presentation.
Topics that I will focus on:
Advantages of globalization:
Free Trade
Globalization is solely responsible for the establishment of free trade between nations and it is because of this, countries are now able to produce and import good more without paying heavy taxes. As a result countries such as UAE are now able to enjoy a wide range of products at a reasonable price. Free trade also helps UAE to import goods at a lower cost than producing them domestically.
An increase in employment in the UAE is also the result of globalization. As UAE focuses its resources in producing goods which are more profitable to the economy it simultaneously increases employment as more job opportunities become available.
Due to globalization, information about different culture and customs are now being shared across the world. UAE is known for being a multicultural hub where people of all nationalities and ethnicity have found a place to call home. This leads to a cultural blend and it does not only increase peoples understanding of different culture but also contains racism as well as increase tolerance among people with different background.
Ever since the birth of globalization, politics are now being addressed on a global platform. Every decision a country makes, it keeps in mind questions such as how can this benefit the whole world? UAE for instance now has to make sure issues such as global warming, depletion of natural resources, increasing of water pollution must be addressed on a political level as it concerns the whole world. In addition to this, politics have now been changed from countries watching other counties in turmoil due to their political system to countries aiding and supporting to resolve those issues.
Enhancing Content and Delivery of Programs:
the UAE government has realized the importance of having internationally competent workforces and decided that the old system of sending Emirati students to study abroad was not enough.Developing internationally comparable curriculum, contents and delivery system was another way of helping students to develop international and intercultural skills without the need of studying abroad.
Academic and institutional mobility:
With the help of globalization there has been an increase in academic staff which helps the country compensate this inadequacy.
Institution mobility is also one of the benefits that come with globalization. UAE has established education free zones such as knowledge village, international Academic City in Dubai and Educational free zone in Ras Al Khaimah which gives students the opportunity to study and get educated from world-class universities.
Adverse effect of globalization on UAE’s education system
Cultural values & identity at risk
As more students apply to private or foreign universities, there has been a decrease in preserving and protecting the national culture of UAE. Foreign universities don’t focus their curriculum in maintaining cultural values nor do they promote students in preserving Emirati culture by offering social-cultural courses or middle-east history courses. Moreover, recent study have shown that Emirati students who went to study abroad also shows poor commitments to preserve Arab family values and culture plus they tend to value individuality more than to traditional collectivism which in turn creates family problems.
Boost in universities, damages quality
A rapid increase in HEI’s (higher education institute) led to overcrowding and poor quality. Due to an increase in institution along with absences of quality regulation, universities were forced to compromise on the quality in order to survive in the hyper competitive HE market.
And it is because of the hyper-competitive market some of the high-profiled universities could not survive and had no choice but to shut down. Universities such as Southern Queensland university in Dubai and George Mason University in Ras Al Khaimah had to close down after struggling to survive in the HE market.

As you can see globalization has made a great impact on UAE especially on the education system. Although globalization has improved the standards of education as well as established more wide range of universities, it has however lowered its quality and hyper-competitiveness in the HE market has led high-class universities to shutdown.
To conclude ....
Thank You!
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