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from leadership to followship

Francis Kneebone

on 9 October 2010

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Transcript of Followship

Everyones a Leader? Status VS Influence Charisma Vs Character Dictatorship VS Example Leadership Follow
It’s not those in leadership positions who lead,
it’s those who people follow who actually lead.
Find who has influence and you will find the leader.
You can lead through Charisma and
Popularity, and people will follow you.
But to where are they following you....
.....if you lack Character. JC as a Boy Luke 2:47 JC's example Isaiah 61:1-2 JC as popular Luke 4:15 Zacchaeus you gave to me more than you owed me,
All that's lost will be restored Zacchaeus.
Your ozone, your war zone, your broken hearts in broken bones.
All that's lost will be restored Zacchaeus.

Zacchaes your taller than me...teach me how to climb your Sycamore tree...only then I'll truelly see. (beyond me)

And the cold wind, your standing in, you brought the rain when you let me in.
All that's lost will be restored Zacchaeus.
Our history in mystery, Leviathan to the bumble bee
All that's lost will be restored Zacchaues.
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