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More Enharmonic Modulations!

Enharmonic modulations using the Diminished 7th chords

Katherine Neal

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of More Enharmonic Modulations!

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Just like the Ger+6 chords, we can use Vii07 chords to modulate to new keys.
But when using Vii07 chords there are four different directions we can go, unlike the Ger+6 with just two. Look at our Vii07 in a minor. This time let's take the 5th of the chord and make it our new leading tone by enharmonically spelling it as an E#. Modulate again??... YES! So that's it!! Let's hear a real example from music in real life! Enharmonic Modulations using the Vii07 chord How do we use a Vii07 chord
to modulate?!?! Let's look at a Vii07 in the key of C major Let's modulate again! We are going to do this same process again but this time we are taking the 3rd of the chord and treating it as our leading tone for the new key. If we take the 7th of the
chord (Ab) and spell it
enharmonically as G#,
we can create another
Vii07 in the key of a minor. Because we aren't changing the voicing of the chord it is labeled a
Vii0 six-five just because we can... When we do this, the chord becomes Vii07 in the key of F#minor. That means we will respell the D as an xA in d#minor to create our new Vii07 chord. Let's practice together!!! Start off with a Vii07 in the key of f minor and modulate by repelling the chord 3 times. Does yours look like mine??? Some things to think about... If you're having trouble deciding how to modulate to the next key with the Vii07 and what key to modulate to, just take any of the notes of the chord and make it a leading tone. That note will be the root of your next Vii07 chord so you just build it off of that.
Remember, you should only be changing the spelling of one note each time. Make sure you raise your leading tones when in minor and diminish your 7th when in major! http://www.advancedmusictheory.com/chromatictonality/enharmonicmodulation/throughdiminishedseventhchord TA-DA!!!!!!!
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