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Uner Tan Syndrome

No description

Olivia Morrisette

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Uner Tan Syndrome

Testing and Screening
If someone in your family gets Uner Tan Syndrome all members of your family should be tested with a MRI or a cat scan.
When the results of your test come back the scientist will look at your cerebellum(a little portion of the bottom of your brain.) if your cerebellum is shrunken you have the Uner Tan Syndrome.
Some Scientists believe that just not one mutation causes this syndrome but multiple mutations do.
The mutations will shrink the tissue in the cerebellum which causes the mental retardation.
Scientists believe that Uner Tan syndrome is like the human evolution backwards.
When people try to run with this syndrome they tend to gallop kind of like a horse does.
Some parents actually have their kids go into surgery to have their legs removed if their child has this syndrome.
Autosomal recessive gene.
You can only get this gene within your family.But this only happens if your family members were close relatives and get married then had kids.
Assuming that a autosomal recessive transmission may be responsible for this syndrome.
Uner Tan Syndrome
By: Olivia Morrisette

The worst part about this certain syndrome is scientists have not yet found a cure.
There was a mom in Turkey and her daughter that got this syndrome she tried to tie stones to her daughters legs to make her stand up straight. This mother tried this for six years but still no luck.
But luckily this type of syndrome is not life-ending!You can live a long life with this syndrome!
If you have this syndrome you would have uncoordination of your muscles.
But you could have hyperactive reflexes in some of your bones or muscles.
Also if you every tried to stand up straight you would be in serious pain!
A specific symptom would be Intention Tremor this is when you walk side by side.
What is Uner Tan Syndrome?
Uner Tan Syndrome was discovered by Dr.Uner Tan in 2005.
This specific disorder is where you are forced to walk on your feet and the palms of your hands.
You also suffer from servere mental retardation.
This syndrome is mostly found in men rather than women. This happens every 1 to 100,000,000 people.
In 5 years of research biologists came to find out that in the country Turkey 19 men and only 14 women ended up with this syndrome.
This syndrome is still today mostly found in Turkey, where it originated from.
This syndrome is not more common in a certain race!
Interesting Facts!
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